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June 05, 2009



no nipples. that's a winner


She seems to have gotten the definition of "pretty" mixed up with "ugly." Poor girl.


The distraught condition of you and your friend shows through very clearly. It pains me to watch it.

I am in tears.

Those are boys right? RIGHT!?


I thought they were boys too... but I think they are girls from the land of nose.


I figured it out... she just needs her brow waxed and to stop taking pictures with the booger cam, then they are girls.


lol lol land of the nose!!! they are not girls.. they are horrid! at least they have a friend who is just as ugly!


they're ADORABLE, what are you guys talking about??? not supermodels, but the whole point is they're making fun of the previous girl who thought she was too hot for existence... and i think they're pretty cute.

ps- karen, you are amazing.


There are probably a few more men thinking dirty thoughts about you now that you are posted on a popular web blog.

Nadda Ounce Ofprettyness

I think I just threw up a little!


lol I'm pretty sure she is joking... you know, just being silly :P


Yeah, the eyebrows definatly had me thinking she was a guy in the first one.


I thought they were boys too. I was gonna comment about how funny they were. But now all of you other commenters have got me feeing uncertain.

Possibility a: Boys dressed as girls = funny.
Possibility b: Girls looking nice = I'm a jerk.


That chin could cut glass.... and makes her look like a tranny.


I think both of them are pretty!
Well, the first picture isn't, but in the second picture they're both pretty! I mean, you'd have to be a retard (no offence to the mentally challenged) to think they were boys. i mean honestly?

Adrian Mmmm.

I do wish they were boys.... Pretty boys I mean.
That'd be hot.
As opposed to pathetic.


Did no one notice the bright yellow socks and bright blue crocs in the first picture?


I have to admit, these girls are pretty but, and here comes the truth, because of CWC's attitude i HAVE to say that they arent pretty and all their dreams a dead but infact, thats not true. I feel sorry, and ill drown my emotions in alcohol. It was predictable.


"Why don't we send pictures of ourselves so Chris can put them up on his high traffic blog so tons and tons and tons more of teenage boys can see us?" You effing girls love it the thought of boys doing dirty things to the thought of you internationally... Not that I think any boys would with pics like that.


I'll be in my bunk.


One of these posters is this man.


no nipples, no good


Calm down, Daniel. I don't think you get it.


They aren't ugly.. but they aren't particularly pretty either. Just average. Which isn't a bad thing to be.


Hahaha, I thought they were boys in drag too!!

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