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June 05, 2009



Yeah, I'm pretty sure 90% of the people posting here missed that girl who sent in pictures saying how pretty she was, boo hoo. These girls are obviously making fun of that girl in they are being SAR-CAS-TIC. Not getting the point here, I think.


If they are photoshopped they did it good, if not, dude, srsly, id beat the crap outa em!"!


So, after reading all of these comments i must say that the world must be breeding bunch of idiots.
The girl was apparently trying to make a joke. She took a picture that was taken of her at a school play where she looks...not her best to say the least..and said how she was beautiful. How do you retards not see the humor?
And um the second picture doesn't even look bad...little to much nose but look at the angle. Anyone's nose would look big shot in that pose.
And finally. Caitlin is obsessed with cute with chris. So don't flatter yourself into thinking she put this on here so guys can have dirty thought. Psh, please. Get a life.
It was supposed to be funny, so laugh a little instead of being completely degrading.
Besides..I bet half of you look like you came out of your mothers ass instead of her vagina. =]


The eyebrows in the first pic are due to my makeup for our school's musical... meaning.. I don't have man brows. It was purple glitter that ended up looking like caterpillars attached to my face.


You would think that the readers of this blog would understand sarcasm! Oops for wishful thinking. Oh well. I laughed.


I didn't think they were ugly enough to be sarcastic. If they were really butt ugly then I would see it as intentional ironic humor (which apparently is what people are saying they were going for) but their kind of attractive?

Single Kell

Any one else wondering if she is actually a man?


Yay for braziers.


Yeah, sorry, but the shadows in pic 2 look like they're masking an adams apple.

I'm not saying they're ugly, but I thought they were dudes at first too.


Why don't these 'pretty girls' start sending in pictures of themselves looking pretty? We can't tell if you're pretty or not in either pic! Try again!

Karlibell22 least I'm not the only one that thought they were dudes...


theres no way those are girls

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