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June 18, 2009


Ms Amanda

That is so awful. I'm sorry you had to suffer through that. HOwever, he now posses your soul. That's why he was staring at you like that.
Birds are of the devil...


Do you have children? Please say no...


we all poop in frustration from time to time.....wait, no we don't. Go to hell, bird!


What a frustrating comment, Boots!

Oops. Excuse me a minute.




Hmmm...the towel was the GOOD guy in this story...gotta rethink how I feel about towels now.

mighty zeidy

I am sorry that you had to go through this, however, your tale Anna & the cult's hilarious comments is why I check this site multiple times a day. Totally cracked me up! Thank you, Anna.

Pooped in frustration

What an obnoxious bird.


that has happened to me many many times (actually 3) i don't know what it is about my house but i have opened the front door a few times to have a bird fly through or try to, and its always extremely frustrating to get them out. Yes they do poop everywhere also. During the summer and spring i constantly have to clean the windows because birds dive bomb it daily, I feel sorry for them... but its really like living in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Anyone else have this problem??


This happened to us over a dozen times when I still lived with the 'rents. And that's the birds we knew about; Dad cleaned out the pipes once and found about six dead birds who'd fallen in over vacation.

The first time one fell in, we let it out and it flew to the wall and landed on the wall. Now you know that flocked wallpaper provides a sufficient tether for bird claws. We eventually adopted a technique which involved closing all the interior doors, stationing family members to wave in hallways, and opening the screen door. Worked like a charm.

Larry Here

Looks like you had a Junco. William Stafford had their number:


They operate from elsewhere,
some hall in the mountains—
quick visit, gone.
Specialists on branch ends,
craft union. I like their
clean little coveralls.
—William Stafford


I once found a perfectly preserved pigeon skeleton when clearing out an old blocked up fireplace.

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