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June 03, 2009



homygod!!! I'm applying for a job with the local council library- talk about acurate profiling!!!


Hi, Chris, from another librarian fan in NYC. We actually DO have some rather horrific horse aht on campus--stay tuned and I'll submit it soon!


I'm also a librarian fan from NYC!
Chris, you should come here! We have lovely libraries.


My mom's a librarian, does that count?

Libraries rock. I can't believe they're still free, in a society that seems to charge for everything.

Ms Amanda

Libraries are awesome!


I am a fan and a librarian in Seattle!


The librarians in my library approve of this.


Dude! Materials from a library are loaned/borrowed, not rented. Is this a Canadian dialect thing? P. 46teen.

Erin (Echo)

Free my ass. I had to pay 60 bucks for my library card, because somehow I don't live "within city limits" enough.


Let me tell you about the OTHER MUSTANGS. These are the pure blooded Colonial Spanish horses of southeast Oklahoma which include the Choctaw horses. These are the direct descendants of the horses that traveled with the Indians on the "Trail of Tears" in the 1830's to the reservations in Oklahoma. They are now very close to extinction and have lost their grazing lands. They are horses of great endurance and hardiness and unbelievably people friendly dispositions and they need help if they are to survive. For more information visit the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy at


It's not a Canadian dialect thing (ie rented, not loaned) but it could be a Western thing.

Mind you, one of our libraries used to rent its movies; I think they charged $2 or so, which I thought was pretty funny given that the library's other locations loaned them for free. Maybe Chris has a rental library nearby?


hmmmm all these library charges...sounds like someones on the 'take'....

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