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June 24, 2009



To the lady who said she doesn't think people know how lonely she is... you're wrong. We know.

Dr. Eric in Denver (formerly Ohio)

The youngest one with only 16 cats isn't unattractive. Don't give up girl, fight the addiction and go find a man!


OMG These Ladies should meet my mother. They would make great friends. My mom has about 30 cats and she really is crazy


oh good lord.

rumour has it

i love it when that one lady "meows."


My boyfriend has 4 cats and has been referred to as a "Crazy Cat Boy" a number of times. I'm sure there are more guys like that out there that would like that one girl with only 16. I agree, she was still pretty attractive. The craziness of the cat-fever hasn't taken it's toll yet.


This breaks my CCL heart.

I've met far too many women like this. It's never a good situation, even though it really starts out as these women wanting to help the cats.

I have had 8 for the last 7.5 years. 8 is ENOUGH! That's my mantra.


So I guess it's better to be all consumed by a man and kids than by cats? Don't we all know that cats are better and easier to handle? Come on now, you know it!


Cats are easier to handle than men but not 30 of them! That's ridiculous.


I wonder what it is that stops them from opening a cat shelter? That seems like a legitimate way to still be crazy for cats but not a "crazy cat lady" with cats all over your own home.


Wow... just Wow... 116 cats...


That's not right. 116 cats! They could start a trading thing. "I'll trade you this cat for your black one"
But when that lady trapped that one in a cage, I'm sorry, that just looked really cruel. And she sounded like a creeper. "It's okay. You're safe now" Jeeeeez.


PS Good for you Carm! You go girl!

Nay from Florida

She only sleeps 3 hours at a time. That's not sleep; she's taking "cat" naps! (Sorry, I had to do it)


Pardon the pun! hehe

Courtney Coombs

That's really depressing. Strange that they all go for cats and not dogs.
Cats won't solve your lonliness. Dogs always make you feel wanted.


Wonder if anyone of the CCL in the film is a CWC watcher

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