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July 09, 2009



Totally scary!!

I have no idea what the tabloid media is like in other countries, but in America it's completely out of control. Have you noticed that MJ was a child-molesting freak of nature that the media all but chased with torches and pitchforks until the moment he died... Now suddenly, he's an American icon...

Whatever sells, those soul-sucking bastards!!


i was sooo over MJ the day his record company blackmailed MTV into playing his videos.




I 100% agree with you Tova! And why would you want some guy who abused drugs and surgery on your body?


Stay classy.


Yoikes, check out the Troll Michael that some weirdo is getting put on her upper thigh in #4 of that link! WTF?


Michael Jackson ?!


Utterly insane.

your mom

I don't care what you people think. Number 16 is a showcase of bad assedness


omg wtf?

People need to get a life! I can understand getting a tat for a dead relative, but to get a huge piece for the train wreck that was MJ??? I don;t get society, that's why I keep away ;)

rumour has it

I like how the title of the site the link takes you to is "16 BAD Michael Jackson Tattoos." Like there is such a thing as a good MJ tattoo.


I think this was submitted by mistake. That is clearly a tattoo of a W.O.W. elf woman.

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Hehehe! Hope I can get one like that at my back!

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Reply to Tova:
Tova unfortunatelly tabloid media are the same everywhere..Europe included...they did the same thing to MJ as the US media...they basically lynched him until he died..and now all of a sudden the media are acting like he was their favorite person in the whole wide world...hypocrites...when you look at it...the tabloid media..well they are your modern Lynch mob...

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