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July 27, 2009


Courtney Coombs

I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at

Jack Luke

That woman, has gigantic arms.


Fattest arms EVER.


This brings up so many that huge fleshy thing really her ARM? Does the deceased cat have long, flowing hair? Does it have a tattoo on its own chest - a tat on a cat within a cat tat? And why the hell do pedigreed cats always have bizarre names??? Too much for me first thing in the morning!!


Pedigreed cats names are as follows:

Title(s)/Cattery of birth/name/cattery where s/he resides...

Premiers are spayed and neutered cats...

Champions are whole or intact cats...

So my Tommy-checking out the stallion today is:

Premier Chadwickoon Lord Thomas Milton of Colecoon... but you can call him Tommy


Leave it to the Sun to choose such an unflattering camera angle.

But I am curious about the cat pictured in the tattoo... WTF breed of cat has human hair like that one pictured? Or is it wearing some kinda kitty-hoodie with slots cut out for its ears??


Is it possible the tattoo is actually on her shin and appears to be a GIANT arm due to unusual perspective?

The laws may be different in Ontario, but around here that tat would be large enough to break the local sign ordinance if it is in fact on her arm...


If it was any normal arm, then she'd not be able to have the tattoo as large as it is. Any smaller and she probably need a mirror to see it.


It appears to be a Gypsy cat princess peering into a crystal ball displaying an image of the dead, though much lived, cat, Roughpatch Mr.GetDown.

Note the green eyes and creepy appendage on the right of the crystal ball.


@Simone: If I'd been drinking milk when I read your post, I would have snorted it out my nose. Bravo!

@Carm: Thanks for your explanation of weird pedigreed-pet names, but I still don't understand why Dead Tat Cat has hair like Blair from "The Facts of Life."

The mystery continues...

Édith from québec

with arms like that, there's so much room for tatoos !! wow XD


I agree with Simone, I think it's a gypsy cat with a scarf on it's head, looking at a crystal ball. But it looks like a puppy in the ball to me, which makes little sense. As for that arm, no arm is THAT big! Surely it's the camera angle. Please tell me it's the camera angle! *whimpers*


P.S. Why is her live cat so hideous?


I live in Edmonton and have seen this cat fancier thing in ads many times. Its a trade show that runs once a year. The crazy cat ladies can unite and discuss all things feline.

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