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July 15, 2009



Hope your injuries heal up soon!Oh and you have killer eyebrows!

another bite Chicka

you poor thing. What happened to the dog? is it going to "a farm?"
I got attacked in the face by my friends dog when I was 6 years old (similar bite except bottom teeth went under my chin and top K9s sliced a triangle from the right side of my nose all the way down through my top lip; and ended up with a settlement of $25k.
All the best to you.


Same thing happened to my son when he was two. Same cut by the eye and everything. Sad thing was I had to put him down.

Hope you get better soon! Hope they do something about that dog....


Umm... a comment on the post by 'Lorey'.... did you have to put the dog down, or your son?


Katie, my thoughts exactly. ;-)

So why didn't you give us more info, Allie? We want to know what kind of dog it was, what happened to provoke it (if anything) and what is happening to the dog. It has to be reported by law, so....

OK, so maybe "we" don't want to know... Maybe it's just me but I was trying to hide behind the power of the cult. ...Did it work?

Allie D.

Haha, well, here is the whole story:
As a 'serious' student, Saturday is my only day off from studying and thus the day I have to hang out with my friends, go shopping, etc. On this past Saturday my plans were as follows: 1. Go to Kate's house and 2. find purple pants with Kate. Best-case scenario was that I find the purple pants and get to go to the awesome Japanese market and get sushi while the worst-case scenario was sitting on my ass watching TV. Well, my worst case scenario wasn't bad enough, apparently, because about ten minutes after I arrived at her parents house her dog decided to attack my face.
I was sitting at the kitchen table, talking to Kate, when the dog (a mutt, "orange dog"named Prince)sat calmly next to me. Now Prince had never really liked me; it lunged at me on prior occasions, but never actually bit me. Kate's father told me later that they rescued the dog and he had to train the aggression out of Prince, who had a habit of being aggressive towards young women. Why a father would buy a dog like that when he has a teenage daughter is beyond me....
I think the little fucker was trying to trick me, because it acted like calm, well behaved dogs do and let me rub its head and scratch its chin, etc. It even acted like he liked it! The second time I turned to look at the dog, he calmly jumped, without a sound, and bit my face. Since I was wearing my glasses he didn't take out my eye.
I don't know what is happening to the dog, but since it had all of it's shots, no prior offenses, and Ohio does not have a "One-Bite-Rule", I assume nothing. I know that Kate's father has to take the dog in to the vet for 'inspection' but that is about it. Oh, and they are paying the medical bills. My mom is also convinced that my face will need radical plastic surgery, but I think it's just because she's my mother....not because it will be that noticeable when all is said and done.


That dog is a jerk.

You should bite his face and see how he likes it.

Allie D.

I'm going to get a shotgun instead.


Poor mixed up mutt. One- shoot- rule for dogs in your state ?

Allie D.

More like in my family there is a one-shoot-rule.


you were attractive before the bite

Allie D.

Thanks asdf, as a line of text on my screen, your opinion means a lot.


My brother was bitten like that, by a Great Dane, when he was about 7 or 8...the scars disappeared with time (a few years later), tho he didn't get a plastic surgeon to do the stitches, just the ER'll disappear.

As for your comment about infection...go have it infection so near the eye could affect the eye, or so my father (an ophthalmologist) kept telling my brother when he got bitten.


im more than a line of text! i am a person with thoughts and feelings!

besides, im sure you will be attractive again once you are no longer cut up, infected, and bruised

Rubber_wonder_boy (36teen)

Haz hopes you better.

Allie D.

Yeah, I went back and got super-antibiotics generally prescribed to people with gonorrhea. And some more topical antibiotics on top of that. When I went in I had a fever and weak, and my eye was swollen really bad...obv. an infection. I got the stitches out today and I think it will scar, so I'm going to have it fixed by someone because I am vain, and as a 20 year old girl value my smooth-skinned face.


just rub the scar down with some sandpaper till it stops coming back.

Allie D.

Sounds painful, but also kind of sexy.

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