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July 09, 2009



Greta is kind of cute. And really big. So...shouldn't she be asleep, or hanging upside down or something? I didn't know they chillaxed on couches.


Agricultural plants from bananas to
cashews, dates, and figs rely on bats for
pollination and seed dispersal.

Nearly all bats are helpful. In fact, tropical rain forests could not survive without bats.
Despite bats’ many benefits (including crazy effective insect control), their
populations are declining nearly
everywhere. More than half of
American bats species are considered
endangered due to disturbance of
roosting bats in caves, loss of habitat, being hit by shoes and being run over by lawnmowers.


I like bats. That one is cute!


A bat flew into my dining room last year and flew in crazy, eerily silent circles while I screamed like a little girl (I'm 50teen-year-old male) and ran from the room. I collected my wits, caught the little thing with a pillow case and freed it into the night.

It was tiny and sweet and, the crazy tiny monster face notwithstanding, really cute.

I hung a bat-box in hopes of giving a home to some of the little mosquito hears up on the wall of the house. I see them coming and going sometime. Cute.


"mosquito hears" meant to write "mosquito eaters" Sorry.

go to hell gloves

Cute and full of rabies :)


He looks like he's smiling


Bats are adorable! Though some species have the ugliest noses on the planet, the little brown bats in Ontario are tres kyute.


If one gets in your house, isolate it in a room, open the window and it will fly out on its own.




So happy bats are now joining CWC


Bats ARE cool! Don't touch a grounded bat to try to help it though; a bat is often on the ground because it's sick, and they can transmit rabies to humans. Call animal control or a local bat organization, if you have one, instead.


She ran it over with a lawnmower? Isn't killing small animals a hallmark of a budding serial killer? MURDER IS BAD.

That little guy is adorable. :)


And NEVER mate with a bat or your offspring will end up on the cover of Weekly World News...


Tracy, I'm with you on this. Bats are our friends.

At my local golf course I would see them when I was out near dusk. This year I have not seen many. I wonder where they went?


The ONLY mammals that echolocate?? OR do you mean fly AND echolocate? Because dolphins and whales also echolocate, under water of course.


Love bats. I am in Texas and they are awesome. They eat more mosquitos and other flying pests than my exterminator can get rid of. I think it is time I make a bat house for them.


Bats ARE really cool. They are really adorable once you take a good look. And how can you not love them for being all-natural mosquito control?

I recently moved to a new town (rural) and I am confused as to why I don't see any bats around here. I must hang some bat boxes.


Bleh.. I don't understand people who go psycho on innocent animals, it's creepy.

Katie C

I agree! Bats ARE cute! And completely awesome. And hearing how many mosquitoes they eat just makes me love them more. :)


Sometimes I eat bats so they don't eat me. But then the rabies kick in and I get itchy. All in all I will support more bats, they're tasty with a little garlic butter sauce.


aww. It does have a cute little face


yeah! bats are cool! and I hate mosquitos so I wish I had a pet bat in my room! that'd be awesome!


Okay, I disagree with what the woman did to the bat (bats are adorable, making her demented)


She sounds like exactly the kind of woman who would do well in a horror movie. You think the bad guy's dead? Really? Why not cut off the head, arms and legs, incinerate the whole thing, and scatter the ashes in different places (ie some buried in Arkansas, some tossed in the ocean, some thrown to the wind off a mountain, etc)?

Anyway, that's my feeling. Ya gotta make SURE.

Jennifer G.

OOOoooo! I totally <3 bats! Every summer they fly overhead in my subdivision. I would love to have a bat habitat but my stupid bf say's they are full of rabies and disease. Oh well, I still LOVE them.

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