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July 13, 2009



What a cute tattoo!Is that little kitty a butterfly or is he just chasing them?


Is she wearing a lobster bib? That's one hellacious cat tattoo!


I think tattoos are anything but cute and women who get them.... ugh, don't get me started. Just my opinion.


Kristen! You are way too awesome to only be 26! I totally recognize your tattoo- Which says a lot about me I know!

Cats and Butterflies are my THINGS- That's a FLITTEN from Mewingham Manor- by Laura and Bruce Von Stetina! It's the one on the cover of the book!

What is a Flitten?
Flittens are small winged animals that look like a cross between an exotic butterfly and an immature house cat, and seem to have the finest characteristics of both. There are many species of flitten, closely resembling many breeds of house cats, and they can be found all over the world. Adept at concealment, flittens are rarely seen by humans. The trick to seeing flittens is in knowing how to look, and once a person starts noticing flittens they will begin to see them everywhere - in the meadow, in the garden, and sometimes in the kitchen.


americian loony, how is it going to look after 50 years?! hmm?


People please! If you don't have anything nice to say, then keep it to yourselves! How Rude!

Charlotte, her tattoo even in 50 years from now will still be so much more attractive than your attitude.

Kristen, best CCL face and Cat Tat EVER!

CCL Carm, your knowledge of cats AND Flittens never ceases to amaze me, you are certainly one crazy cat lady! The title is well deserved, you're the best!!

Charlotte(not snooty one, one from Canada :P)

I love that tattoo! Happy belated birthday! YAY CANADA!


That is soo adorable. It made me smile instantly!!
I am sure you will get tons of compliments as you walk around a cheer people up with your marvelous tat!!


I LOVE the tattoo! And I completely agree with sugarmolt - be nice people.


I think I recognize her from the Victoria CWC:Live...


Hey SugarMolt,

Why would one submit a photo for posting on this site if they did not expect some feedback from the Cult?

Get off your uppity high-horse (insert classic Pervy comment here...), get back on the meds, and take a deep breath.

Nice tat - a bit large for my tastes, but it is your arm. Liked the bib too.

Kristen, Victoria BC

Honestly, when I am 76 I highly doubt my first thoguht every day will be "darn, my arm looks old and the tattoo doesn't look as fresh as it did when I was 26" That my friends is a given (So Charlotte, I understand your reasons for not getting a tattoo, but they are not my reasons).

AJ is right, I didn't submit this photo and expect only nice comments, it's the nature of the internet..people get more balls and say the mean things they wish they could to real people. It just shows their real character, and we all have to respect it, even if it is sad.

Thank you all for your comments, and BIG thanks to those who like my tattoo.
But all things considered, it's only me who has to like the tattoo and I can assure you all, that I do, I do a lot.


A successful combination of cute and bold. I remember admiring your tatoo outside the theatre at CWC Live in Victoria.


Utterly gorgeous tat! I thought it might be from Catwings and am delighted to learn of flittens. This place is so educational.

The Angry Intern

nice Tat, very cute girl!


Not a lot of dimension to that tat. Looks a big flat & what's w/ the cleft chin on that cat? Weird...

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