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July 06, 2009


Lady GaGa

YO! THAT AN AWESOME DRESS! GaGa in the house!


Hi Amanda, My step-son Jay who is coming home for a brief visit for the next week and he is a "wardrobe supervisor"- sounds better than "costume bitch" for TOPOL'S Fiddler on the Roof. This is Topol's last tour... he's old dude-72. Seriously, wardrobe is a good career. Jay has been on NCL-Cruise Ships- Hawaii and Bahamas. All kinds of opportunities. LOVE the costumed kitty!


Actually, I'm pretty sure that you just shot Miss York full of art school reject voodoo and turned her into a stuffed kitty. Far easier than having to make a teeny-tiny version of the dress...


Is it just me, or that woman huge?

Also, just for the record. I work in the entertainment industry, and by no means are cruise ships fun to work on. They are pretty much viewed as bottom of the barrel work.


Congrats on not letting the CWC cult get you down. It seems like you've got a cool job for now, even if it's hard work. Good luck in the costume biz!


Pretty sure that'll do better for your career than any college. Be costume bitch for theatre for a few years then be costume bitch for some TV show... sooner or later you could end up being costume bitch for movie stars!

Melissa H.

I really feel sorry for whoever had to build that orange monstrosity on the hanger. That's Olympic level fugly, right there. Also, two words: theater school. There are many excellent programs for costume design or technology, or both.


I've worked at that theatre (as an actor) and had a great time. I'm sure that you are working your ass off and even though you may not be getting a big paycheck, your hard work is appreciated!!

Paul 55 teen

I loves me some big giant orange haired womens;)


Is this Rachel York 7 ft tall? She does look like a giant next to Amanda. Well, looks like you have work you can enjoy, even if it's hard. Way to go.


This reminds me of the time we gave my friend a baby seal stuffed toy for her birthday, and made it red satin lingerie. Just because

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