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July 19, 2009



Cuuute! Possibly rabid, but cuuute!


My old grade 11 Science Teacher was called 'The Bat Man' in the city I grew up in. He would rescue bats and help bring them back to life. I remember he brought 3 live Bats in that were fully rehabilitated and where going to be released into the wild a few days later. They were all so cute!


freaking RABIES! But I love bats.


Oh my god- this same thing happened to me last week! It looked like a juvenile bat and fell out of the tree twice. :-( Cute little guy though.


Where do bats rank with respect to rats?


Genitals with wings?


looks like it's sunbathing or flat out drunk.


Bats are very intelligent tricksters... What it was doing was catching your scent. Now that it got a good whiff, it will find where you live and suck on your eyelids as you sleep.

Ivanna Drinkurblood

flying hamsters!

Mary Ellen

yeah, might want to talk to your doctor about rabies shots. seriously. you didn't touch the bat directly at all, did you? they have teeth so tiny you wouldn't feel it if they bit you, and there's the chance of simply getting their saliva on you and then putting your hand in your mouth or something and contracting the illness. Bats are known carriers of rabies, and when they do show symptoms, they are similar to what you witnessed in that bat. next time I would leave it alone and call animal control or another professional, who, like myself, have been vaccinated against rabies and trained on how to properly handle rabies carriers.


Mary Ellen is right on the money with this one. If you didn't actually touch it, you should be fine, but the whole scenario just screams rabies.


no, i didn't touch the bat. but in NY, these bats eat the excessive mosquitos we have this season since it rained every day in June. so i really doubt the bat was rabid.
interestingly, someone told me that bats can't take off into flight from the ground, so hopefully he wasn't dying, and just needed help up. and i helped him. even if he was dying, i think he died more comfortably after i moved him.

Jennifer G.

Leslie, Thank you for *hopefully* rescuing him. I consider myself a CBL (Crazy Bat Lady). I LOVE bats. They fly overhead in my neighborhood every summer night and I just adore watching them swoop as they catch the night bugs. I do hope he/she makes it.


Tova, hahaha, spreading the much needed propaganda about a proper bat experience. Don't they also scent mark you with tiny unseen glands (if you survive the rabies exposure) so their friends can find you & enjoy the eyelid buffet?


@BeeChilly -- so I see you have done your homework!! Why, yes, that IS what they do! Once a bat gets your scent, it never forgets... And, much like an ant or a bee, they give off their own pheromone so that the other bats can find the target.

Also, if the human comes within a 3 foot radius of the bat, those glands can shoot an invisible stream to "mark" them (kind of like Spider-man without the upside down kiss).

Fortunately, only one in 3 humans that come within close contact with bats are marked for eyelid execution. So she still has a chance, right??

I like Leslie, so I don't want to scare her, but a word of advise would be to play pirate and wear eye patches for the time being. You know, "just in case"...


tova, you are funny. you have no clue just how on-target you are with the pirate remark! arrrrrrrrr!


I thought I saw you chasing that ship... Your secret is safe with me...

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