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July 20, 2009



That is beyond gross man.


And inside you will find teeth and spinal column...




That's so sad and hideous, all at the same time...


Unless that happened virtually overnight, why did the owner take so long to bring the poor little thing in to see the vet?? Jerk.


i agree with carla. that rat looks like he is in total misery.


I agree. How could you watch a pet go threw something like that? I had 4 pet rats in high school and I'm glad they peacefully died of old age.


How much does it cost to euthanize a rat?


Poor baby. I hope he's not suffering any more. *sniff*


I have a pet rat myself with a tumor. It's hard to say when does the point come that it's affecting how they feel. Females are very prone to getting tumors (although usually they're benign) and they can live just happily up to a certain point. Although I have to say that tumor is pretty huge.


Nevermind the condition of the rat. I'm more concerned that this vet is posting a client's pet. I doubt very much the owner would give permission to post a pic of his pet minutes before it is to be euthanized. It is disgusting that a vet is submitting these pics. Isn't anybody disturbed that a "Doctor" is doing this?


The only thing disgusting here is the fucker of a human being who owned this poor rat. If you're going to disregard an animal's well being then you don't deserve patient confidentiality.


aww..... that happened to my baby lily.


It's not that I'm excusing the owner's behaviour for whatever reason they chose to delay medical aid. The vet's actual choice of words make me feel he's showcasing this rat as a freak(to get his 15 min of Cult fame)rather than some public service to pet owners. Shouldn't vet's respect the animals by not displaying their pain? That's all. I'd maybe understand if this was a blog for vets. Who can learn from it. I don't think I'd want to take my pet to this vet and have my animals pain showcased to the world by my vet.


That's horrible!
The poor sweetie. ;w;


Lovely story to read before going to sleep. Thanks for the happy thoughts!! ...Or the death and destruction. Whichever!!


Ya know, this person implied that they are a "vet" but they might be a vet-tech who snapped a pic. People are not always who they say they are on the interwebs. Anyway, I had a mouse like this when I was a kid and took it to the vet who took pity on me and euthanized it for free when it stopped being able to fit into it's cardboard toilet paper tube.


BTW, really, what fucking medical aid are you going to do on a rat with a growing tumor anyway... chemo?

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