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July 15, 2009




Two of my favorite things! Cute cats and awesome cars!


Is that a tail or a feather duster?

CCL Wendy

Yay, Ranger! What a magnificent Maine Coon specimen you are, too.


Seeing this, you have to wonder; is that his car or is he just some crazy cat man wandering around, having pictures taken of him in front of antique cars?

I'm banking on the latter...


Their hair is the same color... Hmmmm...

Question... And I mean this seriously... Is there something with Canada and Maine Coones, or are these just all Carm's friends??

Not being mean, not picking on Carm, I am sincerely curious. Seems like an awful lot of pointed tufty ears coming from the Great White North.


positively stunning cat, by the way


two words... MAG NIFICENT


TOVA- You are too good! Maine Coon PURRsons all over the world consider themselves to be related by feline blood!

Della is a friend of mine and Wendy's. Della's cats come from the man who bred the famous Dante Dante Dante- this is actually a kitten-only 10 months old. This is a gentleman who adopted this kitten from her.

They are amazing creatures! Not only are they gorgeous they have the kind of temperament to be able to be out in public and getting more attention than the cars!


Love the guy's velcro shoes... sexy.


I love this picture. I know lots of men that love cats, and I'm always happy to see pix of them's really not like ya have to be female to like cats!! And who could not love Ranger! He is perfect in every way.



Sorry, Carm. I personally feel that this cat is superior to Dante in both beauty and majesty.


Ranger is gorgeous!


Carm - the kitty is really beautiful. I knew there had to be a connection... So many tufts had to be in cahoots, somehow!!

Munch (he has been featured, his permalink below)is a rescue & a friend told me he was a Maine Coone. But after seeing all of your kitties (and their families...) I realize he is not. He lacks the tufts on the tips of the ears.


better... than....Dante ??!?!?!? never happen !

Marc Lacourciere

Greetings, I'm the 'guy' with Ranger.
I do attend shows and display my car, but that gorgeous hotrod is not it ;)

That day we had over 750 cars present on a site over 1km long. Ranger was an absolute hit with everyone. I take him or his sister Cheyenne almost everywhere I go each weekend.


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