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July 03, 2009



very keeeeeeeeeeeen looking Ninja as if someone had turned on the can opener.... love a clever puss :)

Tova from FLORIDA

Ninja kitties rock... Although I once had a cat, Admiral Puss, that was a member of the Navy Seals, an individually reliable, collectively disciplined and highly skilled maritime force; a no-nonsense, decisive and lethal solution to a foreign policy problem.

In short, my cat could kick your cats ass.

Admiral Puss was part of a two-cat Sniper/Reconnaissance Team.

Cats make great SEALS as their size make the SEAL forces light, mobile, swift, effective and virtually undetectable.

Sadly, Admiral Puss is no longer with us; killed on duty when he was attacked by the passing enemy after being overheard coughing up a hairball.

Rest in peace, Admiral Puss. Rest in Peace...


Oh come on! Let her enjoy her catch!

Tova from FLORIDA

... Someone please queue "Taps" for me...


Awwww I want a ninja cat =3. Beautiful photos by the way,really like the lighting on them.


Minnie is perfection.


Cute! Looks like one of mine!

ps I love the show Obsessed.


Such a pretty baby! (PS. Loving Tova's post.)


HA! you call that obsessed! my cat called pringle is a wild cat at heart, in the english countryside he kills at least 2 birds a week, 3 mice per 2 days, rabbit ever week, the odd fly and attack our pet golden retriever from time to time... and the death list goes on.
most redcently he ate next doors fish in the pond and a frog


... We have a killer cat, as well. She eats and kills anything that moves. She also brings things into the house, which is pretty nasty.

I stopped her (at least slowed her down) by starting to give her CANNED CAT FOOD!! I wasn't trying to stop her hunting, just giving her a treat. It happened to have that side benefit.

Now she begs every day for a can of Fancy Feast! But it's stopped her from chewing curley tailed lizards in half (and me left to pick up the twitching remains) and she's also home a LOT more. True story.


Hmmm... New Fancy Feast flavors:

Bunny & dumplings

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