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July 07, 2009



She is so right. I've been wondering when you were gonna put up some bats on the site. They're so cute and fluffy! Thank you!

Sci N Tiffic

WNS: A mysterious affliction, reported in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and most recently Connecticut, is dubbed “white-nose syndrome” because many affected bats develop prominent halos of white fungus surrounding their faces.


Por bats! They realy are cute!! I held one in my hand ones. Found it in the street. It seemed to not be able to fly. There wasn't much i could do for it.


important:yes. Cute as fuck? no, not really.


Yes, bats are cute, and important too!


Yeah, they are cute. Thanks for posting.


Bats are Cuter than Rats, AND they can fly! :)

Melissa H.

Bats are VERY cool! We've got them in my neighborhood. If you walk around at dusk you can see them flying around.


Bats aren't cute when they're clinging to your skull and eating your scalp.


Jane, you rock my world. I LOVE bats, and we here in Michigan have seen a HUGE decline in our bats in the last ten years. Thanks for letting people know that they need to radiate their love into the Bat World...


This post is cute as fuck, and I totally can stand behind such a fucking important message. The health of bats is a good indicator of the fucking health of the fucking Earth. FUCK I LOVE BATS!


Man, those are some fucking weird-looking birds!


yes Chris bring bats onto your site. (just not to many) and they are extremely cute. I feel bad for them


As an aducated person, I know bats are very beneficial, but that being said, they are the creepiest things ever to walk/fly the face of the Earth.


Personally, I just love the fact that the entry was titled 'Rabies'. That cracked me up.


I love bats. When I was visiting St Lucia, the resort where I was staying had really cute bats living up under the rafters. At night they would swoop down and eat the fruit from the trees right next to our balcony (which was open, no screens). My husband and I went out and placed fruit all over our bellies & chests in a sad attempt to "woo" the bats to eat fruit off of us. They were too smart, but we did get dive bombed a few times.

Bats are awesome. Unless they are ugly, at that point they should be stepped on & destroyed (I am a self-proclaimed animal snob)... "Despite all my rage I am still just a bat in a cave..."...


Oh, and Caleb -- bats ARE cute when they are clinging to your skull & eating your scalp... You just can't see that because of all of the blood dripping into your eyes.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

I've always thought bats were beyond adorable!

Their little noses, they're so fluffy...AW!!!

Andrea Jo

I found a dying baby bat yesterday and unfortunately had absolutely nothing with my except my car keys, so alas, no pictures. It was maybe an inch and a half long with a wingspan of 2 or 3 inches, and it was just laying on the wooden walkway leading to this hiking trail. It couldn't have been very old, and it was barely moving. Poor little guy.

I moved him into the shade, but I think he didn't have very long to live. Still, one of the coolest things I've ever seen up close.


I love bats! Most of them eat bugs, I love anything that eats mosquitoes. They are cute. Bats will not swoop down on you and get tangled in your hair, I don't know who started that rumor but they were stupid. When they swoop around your head at night they are after mosquitoes and other bugs that hang around people. They don't bite, the only kind that does is the vampire bats and they are in South America. Bats are good.

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