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July 03, 2009



My little brother had some of those on his shoulder that were literally 3x bigger than those when he was 5 :( He got his while he was swimming though

Fingers crossed your shoulders better soon!

Sarah aka KB

Um, nice. *shudders*

Acute Winnipegosis

The same thing happened to me about four years ago. Welcome to Frecklesville, Kid.


wow, there was sun where you are? I haven't seen the sum in like 3 weeks...


I feel sorry for you. Too bad you are in Minnesota, I'd share my prescription strength burn cream with you, you need it.


I feel for you! Same thing happened to me a few months ago, but on my face. Very painful, especially on the nose!! Took like 2 weeks to heal, and very embarrassing in public as I could not cover it!!


I had sun poisoning on my shoulders that looked exactly like that when I was in middle school. I had to wear one of my mom's tube tops (yes, there's plenty wrong with that sentence) to get my books for summer reading, and the clerk asked if she could poke it. Um... no?!?!? The cool thing is now I have these huge freckles there, in contrast to the many small freckles that currently color me ^_^ Aloe aloe aloe!!!


I don't feel sorry for you, it's easily avoided, you should take better care really! :P

Nurse Ratchet

That looks terribly painful, but not as bad as those dark spots on your neck which should be evaluated by a dermatologist.


2nd degree sunburns... always a pain in the ass...


I would feel sorry for you, but I'm afraid you've got to wait till next years international feel sorry for yourself day before I'm allowed to give a crap


Sad! Poor Kenzie :[
Have you gotten back at Ben yet?


I love you Kenzie!
Please don't get shoulder cancer.


OMG Can we say skin cancer?!?! You HAD to have been out for a ridiculous amount of time.


Sucks for u, ur grown enough to know to wear sun screen, live with it


I had those when I 16 I am now 44 and have had skin cancer removed something that could easily have taken my life now, just like my son at 21 he had half his lip removed 51 lymph nodes removed form his neck they call it radacal neck dissection, had he left it any longer than he did he would not be here today cover up from the sun you may not think its bad now but one day you certainly will.


I would feel sorry for you, but I'm afraid you've got to wait till next years international feel sorry for yourself day before I'm allowed to give a crap

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