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July 05, 2009



Would the photo be autographed by Scott or Orlando?


Orlando is a pretty handsome furry purry orange thing.

CCL Wendy

Orlando sure is a handsome mancat, and I know whereof I speak! I love his big green eyes.


Orlando would of course stamp his paw on the pic! He is indeed the handsomest cat in the universe. His plans to share his magnificence with the world can be seen here
Good luck!


Oh My god, Felty the Fluffy Foal. Sounds kind of kinky! I simply must have one!

From your Hairless Gay Bear cub Sub-cult member Jimmy in


WOW, nothing like a felt foal to "gladden the hearts of the young"!! Now if I can just figure out what a kapok sounds like either a drunk Russian soldier or a Klingon. Neither sounds easy to stuff into a felt foal.

Ms Amanda

Please, please, please someone make one of these. Then embroider people "doing it" on it. It will be as good as the cat pillows previously posted :)


That kid really doesn't look that happy, in fact my friend Jayne said that that it's the kid who looks like they're stuffed with kapok.


I would like my young heart "gladdened"!! Why, yes, I would LOVE to work feverishly to make a felt foal I will be fond of & name him Fred!


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