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July 16, 2009



Heey! *lol* ......kinda lame =P


Milwaukee is the Greatest! Please come to Milwaukee, Chris!!!


Comedy Central?!?!?! OMG I'm really excited and um,dawning on a new world order! Thankyou Chris, thank YOU

Angry McBored

Do you guys remember when this site used to have VIDEOS?! WTF, Chris? What are you even DOING these days...


McBored how can you say that?! Chris has been working very hard on a few projects--most recently the 'Chris Leavins Story Hour' on COMEDY CENTRAL!!! We all really miss the CWC episodes like you do, but we can still support him with his other projects too.


i second the motion to come to milwaukee


McBored's powers of observation are obviously lacking. Notice the big announcement about the Chris Leavin's Story Hour on Comedy Central on the banner right at the top of the page?? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Also, it obviously shows that Chris cares about his fan base if he keeps this blog updated daily...

Joshua MKE

Thanks for putting my pic up again!! You do need to come to Milwaukee, you will be happily surprised...

Sarah M-k

I also support the Milwaukee motion, Chris! :) The midwest is great, and Milwaukee doesn't stink like Chicago!


i agree with the desicion to have chris in MKE. and the bronze fonz is creapy....way creapy. aslo just about everyone i know has taken that same picture excpet for me.

Erin D

I totally agree you should come to Milwaukee.


this reminds me of the Fonz wax statue on Conan and the creepy tom cruise wax statue...

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