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July 01, 2009



One should always consider using a tripod and higher ISO settings when doing provocative low-light shots of teens interacting with Aht..

Rubber_wonder_boy (36teen)

Hmmm - I wonder what Pervy would say.

"Jugs are for Juice!"
"Ride Me!"


hilarious. i want to do that for my next birthday. i'll be 39 in Sept... but LA doesn't have any REALLY big fountains. wimpy ones. that's okay.


Lol nice you from Louisville like me XD i turned 13 in June ninth and i have been watching CWC since like 11 or something XD eitherway ive been to Lexington Pretty place i had surgery there at the Shriners lol


Um, I live in lex too and that looks like triangle park (or at least close to the transite center, library and The Kentucky). Where as it is pretty cool down there its also overun by crazy homeless people (and hookers). Purdy white girl in bathing suits don't have ANY change :( FOR SHAME!


I want her hair.

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Sorry it's dark and I'm in my swimsuit, but it was night and we were swimming

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