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July 30, 2009



Here's what Babel Fish has to say:

"The Camera Obscura on the roof of the new city hall was to be seen on weekend for the first time again. Until October a screening is in beautiful weather each Saturday at 11 o'clock."

So I guess she just happened to be there being a tourist or whatnot.


She killed people.


If I hadn't read the translation provided above, I would think they were all just standing around a weird coffee table.


or she at the audition for 'you think you can imitate a 60's folk group'an UBER concept in Germany.

Master K

She don't must be a tourist. I've also such a fine shirt, and i also live in germany.

it looks like all these people on the picture are some local politicans who wanna show a new local tourist (sightseeing) highlight.

i think no body wanna see the Camera Obscura, just that nice t-shirt...

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