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August 18, 2009



The famous Canadian Squirrel, the famous Canadian Dante and the famous Canadian Chris! I just spit out my morning coffee!

Happy Birthday to my two littermate barn cat brothers Sunny & Moony-today they are 11! They are responsible for me being a CCL!


Poor Chris, but the squirrel looks nice


Hahaha I love you randomly-in-my-picture squirrel


Dante is beautiful, BUT if you want to be left alone stop feeding into the madness by posting his pic! Silly.

Julius Seizure

Sorry (Tough Love: On) It's called an in-box rule. Set it up, delete her incoming mail and you're free. (Tough Love: off) Sorry, I can only take so much whining. Yes, yes, we're Canadians and whining's what we do best.

More importantly what are you evolving into, my son? You've moved beyond the weekly vid-blog, you're mid-way thought Live shows and the reading shows. What's next? How will you take entertainment to strange, new levels.


Do you know what he's saying, Chris? "F*ck Dante! Where's the new story hour?" :)


that is because Dante is a lion and he will eat you if you dont post his picture at least once a week! ok chris??

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