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August 17, 2009



save it for IFS4YS day


Yikes...maybe take it as a sign that you're supposed to stay in San Diego? Or even better, maybe someone who lives in the area New Hampshire that you're moving to will read this and let you stay at their house! :)


I just wanted to tell you I think it is wonderful you did not abandon your pets! I constantly see ads on craigslist for "free cat" or "free 4yr old dog" "I'm moving and can't take them...don't make me have to leave them at the shelter"

You are a great pet owner. Karma will be good to you. (If I was in NH I would let you stay @my home but ,alas, I am not)
I wish you all the best luck from here on out!


You're probably not going to my school, or I'd offer for you to stay with me and my roommates until you found housing. I totally know the situation that you're going through though. I had planned on living 3 different places until I found where I'm living now. And even still, the landlords are really a mess.

I say post your story on craigslist under wanted and housing. I guarantee some kind soul will find it and offer you a place to stay. We New Hampshirites are very generous!


I know you're dealing with the nowhere to live issue right now, but since you signed a lease at the first place, they CAN'T actually give the room to someone else. Once you've signed the lease, it's a legally binding contract (unless you violate any of the terms of the lease).

If they try not to give you the room, they're legally bound to find you new living accomodations that are comparable to the ones you originally had under the terms of your lease/contract.

Put it this way: if you'd signed and then backed out and moved somewhere else, you would still have been responsible to honour your side of the contract (paying rent) until you/they found a replacement to take the room.

At least, that's how it works here in NS. I hope you manage to find a place, but I wouldn't let that lie since it's caused you so much trouble.


Good luck, Abby. Chalk it up to a life experience - maybe you'll even look back on your situation someday and laugh (though it's definitely hard to say that now). And hey, you have a great story to tell people going forward.


I am homeless soon too and need a place before Sept classes start. I am glad I don't have pets at least to complicate matters.
But I agree with the otherws, that good for you for taking your pets with you. :):)


Totally, you should sue the 1st people for breach of contract. They should at least be accountable for your hotel bill. I hope you at least got your deposit back! Good for you for not abandoning your critters-I was in a similar situation some years ago, & I was like, I'll live in a box if I have to, but not w/out my pets...& everything worked out for the best. I found a great place w/a great landlord-we're still friends. Good luck!

Sara & Kilgour Trout

Where in NH?


Hi all,

This is Abby. Thanks for all your words! Sadly, I had signed the contract but the woman who I was set to stay with hadn't signed it and returned it to me. Is that still a breach of contract? At any rate...I am still looking for housing and classes started today! I am at Dartmouth Med School in Hanover, NH. And I hope to never have to give up my babies!!!

[email protected]


Your dog is SO pretty it hurts my eyes.


That sucks. If I wasn't broke right now I would send you some cash.
Take care and never leave your critters.


That suuuuucks :(
I hope you find a place quickly, good on you for not giving up your pets.

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