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August 21, 2009




Isn't that a Buffalo Wing? Do you think your kitty got a dose of HOT sauce?

Paul 55 teen

Carm, As a Buffalonian, I am certain that you know that there is no such thing as a Buffalo wing. They are chicken wings. Even in Rochester (Home of the Garbage Plate) I believe they call them chicken wings. Buffalo wings are an invention of people that live else where.


BEAUTIFUL cat - and a Billy Idol reference too... WOOT!


Cow is absolutely fierce and an excellent representative for Chick-fil-A,
"Eat Mor Chikin."


He was having an argument with his imaginary friend cat who was trying to take it from him. "Iz MAH chikin!!!"


lol carm buffalo is a flavour. if a buffalo were to have wings, that would be a giant cat.

SmilinSweetpea (or is it SunnySweetpea?  I can never remember what name I use on what board)

Aww! Little Cow got to play pretend! A mighty hunter is he!


It looks like he got some of it on or near his eye!


beautiful baby! NomNomNom Our cat stole our loaf of bread one night... now we own a bread box.

#1 peanut

oh, i want to pet him....wait


Ha ha. I was just going to say that he's probably pissed he got hot sauce in his eye. Rawr beat me to it. Cats are weird. I like it.


Maybe Cow was angry at you throwing away good food, lol. Seriously, I think the cat was protecting the good food by growling and hissing, that's not strange behaviour for a cat, don't worry.


Awesome, is this that squirrel blog that has generated so much buzz?!


Not sure that's actually chicken... Ask what happened to their other cat...

Tere 30teen

haha, Cow ... maybe he just wasn't in the sharing mood, and thought you might attempt to take it from him, he stole it, he's gonna eat it, lol ! My cats do that whenever they catch a mouse, and think i want to take it away. lol.


Cat Cow? Isn't that a yoga move?


Not a buffalo wing, although he has gotten a hold of those in the past... Just chicken and tomato sauce. His eyes were fine :o)

jeanine denitto

maybe its stuck in her/his teeth


Our cat does the same exact thing when he steals something from the garbage can! Last night he was running around with a whole corn on the cob, growling and hissing at the same time :D

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