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August 14, 2009



I don't think Maayan in very interesting, in fact, she bores me to tears, I think it's time for something completely different!


I think that Maayan's imagination and humor are totally characteristic of this blog/website. She's hilarious and I look forward to more wild and crazy antics from her cat albums.


Maayan thinks out of the box, and i like it. it's refreshing.
plus she makes furry purry orange thing cakes! that's gotta be tasty!


Maayan is something completly different!
I applaude her originality.


If you ask me, that cake looks like (dare I say it?) -- Dante, Dante, Dante!


I agree with Amanda. I don't see how she's "hilarious", as her submissions have never amused me personally.

At least that last guest editor had spectacular quality animal photos and witty commentary when she wasn't giving tutorials on how to photograph dogs and cats.


Hey, haters... Maayan's photos are featured as artist photos, not because she is a Guest Editor. I'm sure if she were given the job of Guest Editor, she would put effort into giving you all a lot more information and she'd take the time to teach you all about how to take good cat modeling photos.


Jealous much ??


Are you calling me jealous?? And I'm not a hater, she just doesn't strike me as "hilarious". I am personally amused by cynicism and sarcasm which is Chris' style (and why I come here) and so submissions like Carm's stuff and this picture of a cat cake don't amuse or impress me.


if I had enough free time, I could make a cake in the shape of a cat too...


But would your cake be filled with red velvet and strawberry goop, to make it look like a carved animal when you cut through it? Didn't think so.


I think "she baked this cat" is far more accurate.

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