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August 17, 2009



great job eve! heros come in all shapes and sizes, you are a big one!


Oh my goodness, poor baby!! I read the article and I'm SO glad she's gonna pull through. She really is a Trooper!


I hate how cruel people can be...Thank you Eve for being a caring human being. :)

#1 peanut

feeling it....and yah good job hope she finds a home


eve, i gotta ask you: is that an earring, or did you have one of those plug things put in your lobe to stretch it?


Awww. She is soooo sweet! Glad she is going to be ok!


"Let's feel sad" is fine enough, but "let's feel sad and actually do something" is better, in my opinion. This article motivated me to donate to the Washington Humane Society.

Chris, when given the opportunity, you should try to promote these charities when they're relevant to the post.


Post pics of when she gets better in a few weeks! There's gotta be a sequel.

mighty zeidy

Eve- You & the vets helping Trooper are HEROES!! Thank you for all the work you do! And go Trooper GO! We can't wait to see how well you heal!! PS: I think those are plugs & they are VERY cool!


i own a pit, and this type of stuff just makes me want to puke. people who fight dogs need to die. fucking assholes!

i <3 humane society!!! *^__^*


Poor Trooper. That does make me feel sad. People suck.


God, I have no faith in mankind anymore poor baby!

Courtney Coombs

Forget the dog, what the Hell is wrong with that woman's ear?!

Mary Ellen

it's called a stretched lobe people, get with the times...geez.

and go Eve! go Trooper! ACOs for the win!

~Officer Mary Ellen

Frankie (I'm a girl!) in Oz

sometimes I just hate humans


I'm just SO glad this dog was rescued. I hope the dog makes it..I know there were more complications after the surgery. GO EVE!! I have nothing but respect and admiration for what you did. I hope that your good can make up for the evil that was visited on this poor dog!


What kind of sick fu#k puts an animal in a dumpster?


I'm so glad she was found and is being treated well. You go, Eve.


I'm just a plain ol' cruelty investigator. Chris calls me an animal control officer EVERY DAMN TIME he posts something of mine, and I always correct him, but whatever, it's certainly not an insult; I'm not nearly good enough at wrangling or catching to be an ACO.

Ponzi - Thank you! Donating, literally, saves lives. It's the most direct way the public can help us help the animals of DC. Unless the public wants to put on a pair of tactical boots and start trying to arrest dog abusers too, that is.

My ears - They have big holes in them. It grosses some people out, some people like them, I'm always amused by the reactions. They've been this way for about seven years; I tend to forget they're "different" until someone gasps and screams "did that hurt?!"


Hey Eve, please let us know how Trooper is doing if you have time :}

Judy H

In my family we have a saying, "There is a special place in Hell for people who abuse animals and children".

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