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August 28, 2009


tilly are the education systems there in louisiana??


We do have good schools in Lousiana. Unfortunately, few of them are public schools. If you want your kids to have a good education here, you are looking at paying some pretty hefty tuition.


Well OMG Tilly I made some grammar or spelling errors. Oh no I mean that must mean I am stupid right? Grow up Tilly its called a mistake!!


No, it's called borderline illiterate.


All the illiterate in the world must be from Louisiana.

I've seen quite a few poorly written submissions here. But this is the first time the spelling and grammar mistakes were blamed on the state of origin.

Can we move beyond cultural stereotypes, please? Buying into the accepted notion that "all people in LA are stupid" is ridiculous. It further indicates ignorance in those who continue to believe and repeat the stereotype. Need I discuss our internationally recognized universities?


Daisy Daisy Daisy. She is suffering in so many ways.
I wish the old girl the best while healing from her surgery.


Perhaps Emil is a Cajun and English is his second language?
Emil, Do you ride an air-boat to school, wear shrimper boots and eat gator?

Seriously, Chris, don't paint the whole state with the same brush, and certainly DON'T let Emil pick the color.
You would love it here! Why don't you come for the Southern Decadence Festival next month? Whenever you come, if ever you come, I promise you would have a great time.

And Emil, don't get your caleçon in a bundle, I am joking with ya sha.

the king

im so sorry for your dog. i hope it gets better. looks like some people dont have a heart for the cause of this dog and have to worry about spelling. why dont you people that have grammar issue, why dont you write a book? besides of shooting your fingers off at the key board.


Can you explain to make CWC care? No I take that back, sorry. LOL. We want to see stupidity everywhere, so we can laugh at it. Mwauhaha!


no fotoz ov the best frend and buddy??? Daisy gunna hav a slo recovery eh ?


I can't tell if you pathetic douchebags are for real. Are you seriously picking on this person whose dog is recovering from surgery because there was a typo? Emil I wish Daisy a speedy recovery. To everyone who is spewing insensitive hate, make society a better place and go lick an electric outlet.


Emil, I hope Daisy is feeling better. To the other posters, thanks for the words of support for our much-maligned home state. It's easy to buy into stereotypes, seeing past the quick assumptions takes effort.


Im sure daisy would feel better WITHOUT THAT CHAIN ON HER


emil i hope daisy fells bettr now mabe you cin find a corispondins skool not that therz anything rong with not bein able to spel or punciate


Take a pill, sydney.


feel better, daisy!

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