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August 14, 2009



oh, soooo I'm sorry.


Aw how sad!




Cute picture. Sorry for your loss.


Goodnight sweet Prince.. Ess. D:

Matty Hates

was it dead in the picture?

God-Mama Kelly

My sweet sweet God-baby! I'll miss you PB. Have fun up there.


no, she was not dead in the picture, genius.


I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts. Nobody's happy now.


Aww RIP sweet princess! How sad:(


Oh no, RIP Bubblegum!


maybe it was toxins from temporary tattoos? Just cause they are okay on people doesn't mean they are meant for rodents...

Matty Hates

or maybe it cut itself in a fit of angst but went a little too far this time.


I'm so sorry for your loss! Princess Bubblegum is immortal in the cult of CWC. She'll never truly die.


You will live on in our hearts!

mighty zeidy

I am so very sorry! She was a beautiful girl!


i'm so sorry. Poor girl. I'm sure Chris isn't happy about this. No matter how ugly a pet may be, as long as it's loved it is heartbreaking to have it die.

I'm sorry. One of my rats is a little sick and i'm scared to lose her too.

Hope you feel better. SOrry about your Princess:(


Very sorry to hear about your loss.
Non rat people don't get it. When I was young we had 18 rats. That was not planned, we bought two females and they were preggers. But, we got to know all of them, and they truly were individuals. Some I liked, othes, not so much. But, when they passed, there was mourning or sadness depending on who died. Rats are great pets, but sadly I am terribly allergic to them now.


um i'm pretty sure chris is VERY he doesn't like rats...remember///


Oh wow i'm stupid, how did i not recognize you. dam my chinese eyes.

you know the first time i saw her was her crawling in your shirt... that was hot (not in a wrong way if that's possible) and the sign you had on your room's door had me confused the first time too :?


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