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August 02, 2009



I would assume that anyone who has ever done business with them hates them as much as you do. I know I do.


Yes! I too loathe Time Warner--as does my husband. When we dumped Time Warner cable for a satellite company, my husband personally delivered our cable box to Time Warner so he could show, in detail, how much $$ we were saving and how many more channels we were picking up by dumping TW. They kept raising their rates, you know. It was highway robbery.


TW is the worst. They're awful about service calls.


This Time Warner is bad? you should try Fairpoint... *shudders* and it's the only thing available where I live... I share your pain.


Time warner is the worse. I'm always losing connection.. luckily there's a nearby wireless connection i can hop onto in case of emergincies. They are also my cable service, they tend to go down alot.. >.>

Hope it gets fixed soon!


They suck! Time Warner has a monopoly in my area. I'm anxiously awaiting FIOS.


I'm seriously thinking of getting DirectTV. They have more channels cheaper.

Time Warnered & sick of it!

I live in Manhattan where Time Warner has a monopoly- THEY SUCK!!!!!
All they do is TAKE TAKE TAKE-as they bend you over the fence and F@#k you in the a$$ and their service -oh what's that?!
You'll be glad to know your dollars go to pay for their huge new Mega complex at Columbus circle-
Where they also have a mall full of stores that cost too much to shop in!
When Fios finally gets here- I will be
showing TW how well my shoe fits their butt!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

This cat screames "You're fired"


I ordered internet last wednesday and got it last friday :P


TWC does lack A TON in service, support and competence, but before you get too excited about FIOS, have you ever had the pleasure of dealing with support from AT&T or Verizon? You may have better telephony and data options in your area, but as much as I hate Time Warner it still beats the pants off the service and support of the above alternatives in my area (at least for data service).

whiny pants!

read a book


At least you don't have to deal with the throttling, bandwidth caps and complete and utter incompetence of every single Canadian ISP anymore, Chris.

Account Deleted

This picture fills me with joy and sadness at the same time. I've never dealt with Time Warner but you should feel lucky that you haven't yet had to enjoy the massive incompetence that is Qwest. Our only alternative out here in good ol' Utah is Comcast, an equally shitty company.


Well, it sounds like you'll be back soon with working internet AND a fabulous haircut. Win-win!

But seriously: EVERYONE hates Time Warner as much as you do.


Why actually, there is; and her name is Patrice. I suggest listening to Keith and The Girl's show 1003: 1-800-FUCK-YOU - she has a particularly delicious rant about it in there.

Joshua (25teen)

Yes, they own the MKE market as well. Not cool at all.


Why would a barber shop have wifi? I mean, do people really hang out in there? Maybe it's for the employees. Anyway, sorry about your luck, Chris. Hope the guy comes today.


Qwest sucks so bad the carpet was dirt free for a year. Switching to Time Warner (now Comcast in our market) was was a month long nightmare that would have tested the patience of Mother Theresa but at least there has been no need for communication with them in five years. Knock on wood.


hehe, never did get that equipment back to them...still in the storage last I checked, and I'm sure it will be safe for some time considering their prompness with house calls this one's for you chris muaw


No one in the tech industry here in Silicon Valley likes Time-Warner. Damn them and their IP splitting and crappy DHCP monitoring.


You guys are all silly. I work for a land line/ DSL provider, and we mainly service rural areas. If I had a dime for every time some idiot told me that my company was a monopoly, I'd be rich.

We are not monopolies, we are simply the only providers that have invested the time and money into your area by running our lines and installing our service. You do have other options, such as satellite providers or the local telephone company where available.

I'm not saying this just because I work for a telco, but because it's the truth. I am a consumer as well, so I know how it is. I work in customer service, and I hear this stuff all the time. I have no reason to be writing this other than it pisses me off when I hear it. (By the way, I hate my job, I get paid to get yelled at all day by people who do not know how to read their bills).

Any company, with approval from the proper authorities, can bring their service into your area... But they don't invest the time and money if they feel there is already competition.


Sooooo TWC is in collusion with local government... that puts it all nicely into perspective, doesn't it...

Larry Here

I can't believe there is a worse company than Qwest. Soooooo sick of it.


Uncontrollable laughter from this photo. I have no idea why. =)

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