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August 25, 2009



What kind of sick ^&$% would knit a poor, innocent, kitty into a sweater - especially one that ugly (the skirt/sweater that is, not the cat...)


All that's missing is the rare edition of knitting patterns using your pet cat or doggie fur. Or perhaps the model's skirt and sweater are, in fact, knit from that poor grey kitty's fur?


You don't knit the kitty! You collect the fur from the kitty-brush. Roll it into yarn and create a beautiful kitty-coat. The purrfect symbiotic relationship between cat and coat.


you would have to be Amy Winehouse skinny to pull this look off! **the model does have an Amy feel**** doesn't she?


I think that this auction is going to end with no bidders... *shudders*


what do "old dreams" look like? please, brunswick, tell me more about dreams...

Melissa H.

Well of course no outfit is complete without cat hair.

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