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September 02, 2009


Blake Kibby

That picture right there....when you click the link....that there is the dog's bollocks...


As a fellow paleo geek, I have to ask--if this skull is authentic and not a cast, how on earth did you manage to acquire it?


A piece of art.


Oh, Carrie, you'll never get a boyfriend with those on your shelf.


That. That jar of balls. That's EXACTLY what my fiance wanted to take home with him from the hospital after the surgeon removed one of his due to cancer. I could have been so lucky as to have my own jar of giant cancer ball on my shelf.


I love that skull, but the jar o' balls is naaaasty. I echo Kristi--is the skull real??

Ms Amanda

A jar of balls will certainly scare away prospective suitors......



CCL Face2

I love a girl who's gross. Way to keep shit that belongs in the ground!

Single Kelly

If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.


Have to go w/ Ms Amanda on this one.



Melissa H.

Now you must wear the Cone of Shame.


Gotta say, I wouldn't be scared away by a jar of balls. I'd think it was weird and gross (very, very gross), but, let's face it, Baxter is a really awesome-looking dog, so he definitely makes up for it. Throw in a little dorkiness and that seems like a potential win to me.


I knew I shouldn't have looked.....

A Person

My mom made the wonderful suggestion of putting each one in separate jars.
Book ends.

Mighty Zeidy

You really must have friends in high places! My vet wouldn't let me keep my puppy boy's. (They were going to be with his baby book.) That skull is AMAZING!


No question, whatsoever.


maybe one day he can finish his disturbing collection and make a whole dog.


Carrie... I love you. You are lucky to have the "connects" to get that cool jar. I have my sister's impressions from when she got braces, and my mom saved all of our umbilical chord stumps, but dog balls?! Now THAT is cool!


if he is ever a bad dog i guess you can show him the jar and yell" THATS why you can't have nice things!!!" ( the nice things being his balls)


I am 100% impressed. If I wasn't female, I would date you. lol

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