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September 05, 2009



Poor thing. Was awfully cute though. Nothing's more adorable or tragic than a teeny, tiny dead puppy.


first of all, Maltese are not terriers, they come from the spaniel family, check west minister kennel club. i dont know why people seem to think they are terriers, BECAUSE THEY ARNT!!! someone had the nerve to call my maltese a poodle / bichon

please people dont make this mistake


That's sick, man. If I want a hamster I'll buy a hamster.


Dudes, Scooter wasn't actually bred to be the world's smallest. He was just the smallest in his litter and for some reason stopped growing at an early age. The original story on him is here:



Courtney Coombs

In response to Ashley. I think it's actually a Maltese/Terrier cross. It's just somewhere along the line the wording was mixed up.

It looks like a plushie though, very cute. Sad that it died so young.
But then again, I think that's where breeding goes too far.

Didn't this site have videos once?


I can't help but feel a little sorry for that little freak. Bred with bones as light as a bird's, and the same urge to fly. The brain of an insect, I'm sure. Rest in peace littlefreak.


Such an incredibly cute dog. It looks like my dog when it was a puppy =]


its just so fucking cute.


What's the worse thing about this picture? Someone is actually holding the poor thing up for it. This is sad. Also sad that it's death is under a heading on that section called, "Weird." I think CWC categories are much more appropriate. "Let's Feel Sad." Yes. Let's.

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