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September 29, 2009



i never thought i would be attracted to a guy like that, but i think i am in love, with every one of them! GO RESCUE INK guys!


I remember these guys from an article in the ny times. Glad they got their own show - it looks like it could be very satisfying.


Since when does you tube not allow access from Canada?

Sara & KilgoreTrout

Hey! Ditto the Canada access comment - WTF!
Chris, you must have some crossborder pull that can fix this for your Canadian pals!

#1 peanut

I love a man who fights for animals! Gettum!!!


I was all in until I heard "and even piranhas!" WTF? ;)


I saw the premiere and I am a fan! I will be watching every week. A few of the guys were on Ellen today. Batso is my favorite! I think he is like 75 years old. These guys are kick ass!!!

Mary Ellen

as an animal control officer, I don't understand how these guys can get away with what they do. they are like some kind of mafia animal control. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place, but I don't like the way they work outside of the law to bully people the way they do. they really have no legal right, no matter how people are treating their animals.


This show is so awesome, I wish I had this channel. They have such mobster names :P

"They're just big guys." XD

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