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September 30, 2009



sorry for your loss, hope you reported those evil goats.......

Nigerian Business Executive

Woah ... that must have been embarrassing to explain to your brother/sister. Awkward!


You may not realize this, but goats not only eat children but will also attempt to eat pregnant women - or any developing species, really.

The reason behind the macabre behavior is that the soft tissues of any young, developing body are absorbed by the goats and used to enhance their incredible paranormal abilities, thus allowing them to transport themselves to alternate universes AND set fire to entire gymnasiums if pig blood happens to be poured upon them.

True story.


... theirs is a blood lust so wretched, so vile that it cannot be comprehended by ordinary man.

#1 peanut

transformed into small sphereical balls of matter, not unlike Whoppers

Michael the artmonkey

"IN APPEARANCE!" You should have said, "not unlike whoppers IN APPEARANCE!" Oh, how I wish you had been more specific...


I was eaten by goats when I was about his age.


hmm and they eat giant trucks too judging by whats left of that place to hide... can't run from them...

#1 peanut

but, crunchy is good? crunchy in appearance yes melt in your mouth not in your hands ;)


Oh my! I used to go there every time i visited my grandparents when i was little :D

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