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September 07, 2009



magnificent chook - an Australorp ?


my sister had a pet rooster, that hated me, and i hated it. so she gave it away to some lady who took that rooster everywhere with her... just like this CCL (in this case, it's a Crazy Chicken Lady)

Single Kelly

That's a tasty-looking chicken.


You can also become a fan of Matilda of facebook if you like.....



Way back when I was a Vet student I had to take a class that involved, among other things, raising chickens from little hatchlings all the way to slaughter. As a result I now hate chickens with a passion. I don't even eat chicken anymore because the things are so nasty.


No offense to your friend or her hen, but... Seriously? There wasn't a better news story than a girl with a pet chicken? ... Wow. I want to live in a place where that's the news. Forget muggers, thieves, & gang crimes I am used to on a daily basis... But chickens. I mean, holy smokes, look at all of those photographs!! This was news?




Tova - news isnt only about the bad stuff.. News can be nice and light hearted too.

Gee, I would hate to live where you live!!


I do hate to live where I live!!


The papers like to have light hearted, fun stories in between all the bad stuff. Like at the end of the news on TV, isn't there usually some fluffy story there too. And yes, I'm sure the breed is correct! Australorp sounds about right.

Besides we're in Australia.... a much nicer place to live than most.

Ms Amanda

That is sick and wrong.... Chickens'll peck out your eyes while you sleep


I sorry but I can't help but looking at that girls eyebrows instead of the chicken. they're really bothering me.


It is not sick and wrong! She is my beloved pet and seriously believes she is human!

And as for my eyebrows...each to their own


that chicken is cute!


That chicken is a crackup. It so reminds me of my little 'Tuffy Duck'. The mother duck sat on her clutch of eggs until they started to hatch and one by one she kicked them out of the nest before they were even out of the shell. Mother instinct gone awry.

Anyway I managed to get to two of them before they were out of the shell and one of them survived inside a box with a warm light. Needless to say she locked onto me as her 'mother' and followed me everywhere. I could have her perch on my arm or my shoulder. She followed me to the mailbox and back and would carefully attend to me while I gardened, gleefully gobbling up cutworms and other pests that I found.

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