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September 15, 2009



Awwww what an awesome alligator.


I just saw Bob last week, too! Hooray for Bob!


Bob looks like a bottletop opener.

Courtney in Arkansas

I guess bob just bobs in the water.


I live in Florida where gators are plentiful & any leisurely stroll by the water must be done in running cleats.. I have heard alligators being referred to as many things... dog-eaters, devourers of small children, "lunch" ...

But never "adorable" ...

Tammy the Grad student in SC

I've seen Bob as well. He has to waddle like a duck to get around. It's rather sad but the guy is so spoiled at Alligator Adventures. I need to post a picture of the huge albino gators that I swear wizzes this neon green bile on command. It's a nose opener.

Dianne in Thailand

Can anyone explain the function and importance of an alligator's tail? Why does it need the tail to swim or get into water without "plopping?"

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