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September 30, 2009



Perfect for CWC! Love it!

Account Deleted

Ahhhh kitty bondage.


ooooooooooooooh... simultaneously soooo cute and kinda creepy...



#1 peanut

happy, sure...haappieeeeee


this picture makes me both happy and sad.

i am soooo confused.


Huh, I bet the hollow space where her uterus used to live isn't smiling.

Hope the society used the money they saved on monitoring equipment/anesthesia machines to purchase ample pain medication for all its patients.

In a perfect world.


dear kristen,

your attitude does not fit with the jovial atmosphere here at cute with chris. Your assumption that you know what has happened in the space and time around a photograph which, by definition, only gives you a very subjective snapshot of a single moment in time is flawed. And if you want to go and bring everyone else down with your inflated sense of righteousness, fine, but go do it at some other website.

with love,
a happy person.


"Ta-daaa! I can't have babies!"


Jovial, indeed. This is one of the most intriguing pictures we've had lately.


Hi Kristin,

I think you are confused on how veterinarians handle spaying procedures. If you are curious, head down to your local vet clinic and shadow one. :) You will find that the cats are quite well anesthetized and doped up. They are also usually feeling swell after a day or two, no harm no foul.

I think the kitty can handle the minor inconvenience of going to sleep and waking up without her baby machine.

Now, when we start trapping and catching homeless humans for such things, THEN you can be up in arms!


I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone. I completely understand how difficult it is for a non profit society to provide quality surgical care to a large number of patients. I have an extensive background in veterinary medicine and a vast knowledge on the protocol surrounding an ovariohysterectomy.

However, I do note in this picture that this cat is in fact in dorsal recumbancy (the anatomical position for an OVH) and not in the the position appropriate for intubation. I also do not see any indication of this cat having venous access in the event that she requires aditional anesthetic agents to prevent her from waking up during her surgery.

I'm sorry if my comments don't fit with the jovial theme of this website but neither does this image. Please someone tell me that I have it all wrong because I would rather look a fool than be right in this instance. I can't be good natured about a surgery that appears to be at a standard of a developing country. I'm sorry but I know better than to think that this is the best we can do.

Regardless, I think it's great that you are helping Mary.

Disappointed In the Cult

Hurray Kristin! Today I hope that Joy learns something from her "inflated sense of righteousness" rant yesterday and keeps her mouth shut when she doesn't know what she's talking about. Her comment was not only rude and unnecessary but completely uneducated. It also scares the pants off of me with Morient commenting that we shouldn't freak out cause it's not like they're sterilizing humans... REALLY?? DID YOU JUST SAY THAT??
Yes, the kitty has a cute smiley face on her tummy. Too bad you're all blinded by the safety of your bubbles to see past that to the reality of the situation. So maybe Joy was right, maybe reality DOESN'T belong here on this website.


Hi Leslie,
I am the veterinary technician who implemented this spay/neuter program with the FBI and you can be assured we do this in a very modern, high-tech veterinary facility with appropriate pulse-ox monitoring and PAIN medications and the kitties receive revolution, vaccines and any medical care they require, including fracture repair, enucleations,etc. Our vets have even done emergency diaphragmatic hernia repairs on these days as we come across some very traumatic injuries these poor cats have suffered.
I take my job very seriously and value every homeless cat as much as I value our client's pets. We administer an IM injection of anesthetic cocktail and then maintained on isoflourane and they don't 'unexpectantly' awaken. Cats can be intubated in about almost any position if you have enough experience as our amazing, volunteer vets have.


I just took in another stray kitty (this makes 3) and Leslie will be thrilled to hear it is an orange furry purry! We aren't sure if it is male or female yet but if it is female we are thinking Leslie!!! If it is male we like Jobin...from the movie I Love You, Man. Please people fix your kitties! I cannot afford to take in many more. Also my hubby and I don't have kids and have been married 14 years. We don't want to be known as the crazy cat couple =)

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