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October 19, 2009



oh no! i think CCL Carm is getting ideas.....


great idea, but he could maybe put a donation box out there, so people could make donations to getting the cats spayed/neutered!!!!! that would be the best thing he could do for them!


I think CCL Carm's imaginary husband is going to have a big item on his to-do list soon...


How effing cute is that? I want a cat town!!


Leslie has an exceptionally good point and a great idea.


Awww, that is SOOO cute! I love it!

But hearing that multiple litters are being born every year saddens me. The best way to stop animal abuse and make sure they all find loving homes is to CONTROL the overpopulation.

Many shelters run TNR programs (Trap-Neuter-Return) at no cost or low cost.


I miss Chris. He's pretty much absent around here nowadays. *sigh*


This is the cutest thing I've ever seen !


I'm with the other Debbie Downers here. My first thought wasn't "Awww, cute!". It was "Damn, well they better use this place to capture and spay/neuter these animals" because otherwise, this will just contribute to a ferrel cat population explosion. Think of how unsanitary this must be too!


Although I see they've been provided with a church. Maybe these cats are Catholic and consider spaying and neutering a sin.


That is uh-mazing! I wish I could make a cat town for my cats, then maybe they wouldn't tear up my house!


oh yeah, and to add to Vicki's comment, I don't think they are catholic, (cat-o-lick haha), I think they worship ceiling cat. I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER!


Leslie has a very pertinent point. If this were 60 miles to the south, we have a low-cost, high-volume neuter-spay clinic here in Toledo that would be happy to clean up that problem; and rescue groups that would get involved. That would absolutely be the best thing that could be done for them ... but that doesn't discount in the least how friggin' CUUUUUUUUUTE this is! I want one!! And if Carm starts poking and prodding her imaginary husband about building one of these, I'll expect to see one in her back yard very soon! ;-)


Agree you should be able to find a trap, spay, release program near you. They come and trap the cats, they will get a rabies shot, and they return them so long as someone says they are feeding them.

Obviously, if you build a town for them, you are willing to throw down some Meow Mix!!

Seriously, you will still have plenty of cats for cat town (Catopia?). But spay, man. It's messed up not to.

Courtney in Arkansas

I like the idea of spaying/neutering the cats when they start hanging around the town.

And raise money by making it a roadside exhibit. "Come see the Old West where kittens become cats."


Catholic! Ha! That was funny.


Chris who?


Cat Town is awesome! Lucky kitties :)


Come see the old west where kittens become cats! So funny! I'll tell the guy who runs the operation that one. Yes, everyone, I have thought about finding a local vet who might consider helping with the spay/neuter/rabies shot issue, but the last year has been extremely hectic for me...moving, new baby, etc. But now that things have settled down I will get on it.


Very nice town! But I was certain the Star of David meant that you had a synagogue for the Jewish cats.


Ever heard of Caboodle Ranch?

And yes, there's no use saving/caring for cats if you're not going to go all the way and have them spayed/neutered. It's exactly like compounding the problem.

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