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October 20, 2009



Tim, you are not alone......we all are mising the Cute With Chris of old.


I miss them too. =( Chris please make a new episode, I'm about to drink the kool-aid!


Chris, what are you doing these days?


As much as I miss new episodes, the thing that is really missing for me is having word from Chris on what projects he is working on or how he is doing.

Lately the whole concept of being an ironic twist on kitty-cat blogs has essentially become an actual kitty-cat blog... Which is still amusing (I dutifully visit every day), but I miss the Cult's interaction with Chris.

Chris - even if you don't do new episodes ever again, how about a periodic update on what you are up to mixed in with the kitty-cat pix so we don't worry Carm has you locked up in a basement somewhere in Buffalo wearing a cat costume?


A.J. How did you ever guess?


I'm glad to see others speaking out about this site's absent (land)lord. For me, there really is very little reason to visit this site anymore (I used to visit multiple times during a day), as it's really lost its unique voice.


Chris, I am about to finally start a new job...that I will probably hate. I need you. I miss you.

Dr. Eric in Colorado (formerly of Ohio)

Chris, do you need patrons to encourage you to make new episodes? If some of us pledged financial contributions to support your aht, would it make a difference? I just gave to support my NPR station and I would gladly give to support CWC.


Pretty much what AJ said. It's not even as if we have any new story hour stuff to console ourselves with. C'mon Chris, let us know what you're up to, even if it's nothing!!


Good on AJ!

Hey Chris will you ever be selling T-shirts again? I'm a bigger girl and every time I got the money for the shirt the 2x's were gone. =*( I really want to be able to show off the aht!


Oh how I miss your witty comments and snarky remarks, Chris. I'm willing to beg, plead, cry, or commit murder to see a new episode. I'm almost desperate enough to pay actual money. Almost.


I think I am on of the few viewrs left that you had from the almost get-go, i started watching around episode 60ish.. and I still visit every day, this site makes me smile at my awful awful job, and we all hope your doing well. An update or two about whether or not your alive would be neat though.


Chris....your site is about to jump the shark. Come back!

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