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October 06, 2009



I took in a pregnant stray and she had a couple of kittens that behaved that way. I didn't realize what it was. God bless Pinot.


What a sweet-looking kitty!

Salina From Maui

My kitty has that. I call him my RabTard, since he hops like a rabbit most of the time. It is sad but oh so funny!


this is the only guy on cwc that I can say I actually find quit attractive...


aww what a sweet kitty! I love her eyes, my pitbull Dozer has eyes like that <3

Alex unwin

My baby Binx has it and he is great. he cant jump well and he dunks his ace in his water bowl all the time!! But he is so gental and great.


I have a wobble cat too. Her name is Maple and she is the sweetest most adorable kitty. I wish more people were aware of CH and understood that it is entirely manageable.


bahahahaha! My Cat choochoo has a mildly more severe case of CH than most other house cats. He doesn't know anything's wrong with him, but man oh man! Shit is HILARIOUS!! He walks like a gay, drunk captian jack sparrow, and if he's not moving he's not able to stay standing. And he sits like a man, against a wall and shows everyone his fat! he's an awesome cat.

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