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November 02, 2009



I had a lot of friends go there while we were in Thailand, if I remember correctly it sounds like the Sri Racha Tiger preserve? I didn't really feel that comfortable with the whole idea, but I was more afraid of getting eaten by a tiger.


haha she's going to eat them!


Looks like she's giving them quite the tail job.

Ronda in Seattle

Cats hate napping on warm rocks all day!!! Poor kitties :(


She's got the tiger by the tail!


we have a wild cat reserve here in Spokane, when we went I was appalled at first by the small cages but then we learned that if they were not there in those small cages they would be dead... so small cages or dead... I think the cats would choose small cages, or as in the case in the pic here chains and no shade over being killed by poachers.


That... doesn't look safe.
Why the heck is she pulling the tails of wild overheated (and possibly angry) tigers?


this is a tourist trap... first what kinda of "sanctuary" chains up animals like that? If the money tourists pay go towards taking care of the animals they would be able to have some of their own space...I get that they are being "saved" from poachers.. but if the pwople running the sanctuary actually cared about these tigers they wouldn't exopose them to people who volunteer to to be able to say they touched a tiger and have a pic like this taken.. Have you guys seen the elephants or monkies that people walk around with on chains so stupid tourists can pay money for a picture? This looks like the same thing.. except it's harder to walk around with a tiger so they create a sanctuary.. see what I'm saying?

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