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November 30, 2009




(not the shooting part, obviously)


aren't there organizations in australia that help raise orphaned kangaroos? that would seem a mroe responsible thing to do than raise a wild animal as a pet, AND IN SECRET. that's just downright cruel.


Agreed with Leslie. Although I think it's great that you are trying, there are groups that are more equipped to handle such a situation. And I don't really understand how you know that the mother was shot specifically for dog food.... is it a situation where you were there? I'm confused. Great experience up to now, but it's time to let someone more qualified take care of the little Joey.


please do the right thing and bring the joey to a reputable sanctuary so it can live a long and healthy life.

#1 peanut

Wow, I can't get over the claws on the little booger


hmmm looking past the sensationalism, that critter does need better care as it ain't got much meat on it.... if it's got any hope of following in it's momma's foot steps. Those claws can do some damage.
We all have on eor two around the place in Oz =0) (dogz gotta eat, right ?)


Don't worry ya'll, he was only staying at our dorm for two weeks while my friends parents were on vacation. He is now back living on my friends parents farm (where they have raise other kangaroos, that have been released back into the wild but come back with their mates to visit where they were raised). So NO WORRIES... i just sent the abnormal part of the story (joey living in a student dorm!)


Thanks for the update, Molly. Glad to hear that everything is going well with your joey.


i live in aus too i found a baby wombat and took it to the vets i got to care for it for 5 days lol it was soooooooooo awsome

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