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November 19, 2009



how chirpy is that cat ! tail up, happy as a clam.


"Darn cat kicker!"


Buzzfeed is the best website next to CWC.


I don't like the way he's kickin' that cat, either.

Sarah aka KB

Me thinks the kitty cat has a thing for men in uniform... like the best of us ;)


God, cops are assholes. It's okay to kick a cat in his world?

Ronda in Seattle

Fucking cops, I'd press charges so fast against a pig that kicked my cat.

Anna Exter

Fucking pig. What gives fucking pigs the right to do whatever the fuck they want to do to people/animals/anything?!


Oh please, he is hardly "kicking" the cat. He is pushing it away with his foot, this is no worse than tossing it out the front door or off of your lap. A kick requires some kind of force.


I'd have to agree. He's not 'kicking' it. To kick is to make contact with force. He's not. He's hooking up with his foot and kinda flinging the cat. Yeah...I do the same with mine. I chuck 'em off all sorts of things. if the cat was stressed or hurt it wouldn't keep coming back.


figured it out- the kitty wanted to be a blender pet, black on black- true story


I think that would have been the perfect time for the cop to say, "All right meow, I'm going to have to give you a ticket on this."

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