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January 15, 2010



I am sure the ancient Egyptians would approve.


Great shot and composition - HIGH QUALITY!

And Chris, I suspect but am not quite aa sure as Viri that you are busy on NEW projects - how about a breif update on what you are working on so we can ALL be sure (and excited!) about what you are working on?


Oh contraire Chris. They also email you about eyeless dogs, gay horses and teenage angst.


Awesome!! I do wish Chris would just give us a little update on what he's been up to make sure he's at least still alive. ;)


We want to see how your projects are going Chris! Update us!


there's a poon who knows how to work it !!! as for Chris - he's probably put on 25 lbs or was horribly disfigured in a kitchen accident so we won't be seeing him any time soon...( reverse psychology..)


You must remember that he is also a person who works, lives and on top of that keeps us entertained. (I think after the first insane email from a 15 year old I would have called it quits.) He's just following his dreams of international stardom!


I can understand why Chris has quit with the shows. After getting constant emails about angry 15 year old girls, insanely crazy cat ladys, gay pets, and not to mention Carm, Dante and Wendy, Kyle, Pervy, and Colty constantly pulling him over the edge, and once he tasted that sweet smell of freedom he can't go back. I dont think it's unreasonable if he would just make 1 video a month, but then again why have fans holding you back when you can have complete and total freedom. Enjoy it Chris, ... Enjoy it while you still can!


what about the UGLY side of cute? Since Chris stopped makink videos, it seems that we see less and less eyeless dogs, gay horses, so terribly ugly pets and all those nice things that used to make my day! Screw you cute pet pictures!


.. but Viri, Nacho is a very nice cat! :)


Hey Dustin,

Please note that I was not asking for a new SHOW, just an update on what Chris is up to. Loved (and still miss) the SHOW, but am a bigger fan of the MAN and wish there was a way to follow whatever he is up to, kitty cats not withstanding.


What a gorgeous picture! I had a cat that looked just like Nacho when I was growing up. His name was Prince. I really loved that cat. I'm glad I saw this picture today. It made me smile. :)

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