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January 21, 2010


Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

Oh Dante, how we love thee.


It's Dante!!!


He really is a gorgeous cat though


OMG! It are Dante Dante Dante!
A special wintry treat from our toe licking feline from the North.


Dante Dante Dante- You even look good licking your toes!

CCL Wendy

Just click on the picture to enlarge it and you can see all the intricate details of eating a toe slushy!


It's been so long since I've commented here.. But the titles of recent CWC post are getting progressively cynical.


And I like it.


I think Chris is getting fed up with the cute

Kristine Volovsek

Dante Dante Dante! What a gorgeous cat. I wish there was a Dante Category so that we could easily look up all his cute pictures.


I don't think Chris could handle having an entire section of nothing but Dante. It could drive him over the edge!


DANTE, WENDY, it's your fault Chris has abandoned us!!! What is your problem anyway!? Yes your a Cat we get, Yes your freakishly more beautiful then other cats, who cares!? Ha Dante!

Also Chris when will you come back, since you've left I'm crossing the line between Sadness and insanity. Come on we need some Canadian Wisdom ... Ay.


Dear Dustin,

Don't blame Dante and Wendy, it's not their fault. I'm sure it's the fact that week after week Chris was pressured by all of us crazy people to create episodes to amuse us (not to mention all the nasty comments he got). So you should be blaming yourself too, because you're pressuring him to come back. There are probably things more important to Chris in life than making a weekly show about puppies and kittens (but I don't see how there could be!). POWER TO YOU MY LORD!!


I miss CWC a lot (when I first started me current job, CWC made Monday mornings so much easier!), but it seems like Chris has been working more on being a writer, which he seems to love. Can't blame the guy for that.


Can't believe that Dante can fit that gigantic paw in his mouth!! He can't help it if he's a su-purr star!


LOL indeed Dante, LOL indeed.

Woot for Chris, not giving into the peer pressure of the cult! (though how we can be peers of the lord I don't know...)Personally I've always enjoyed Chris's sarcastic humor and witty comments over the cute pictures of puppies and kittens. Gloves vs baby goats. Don't forget bubble wrap... mmmm... bubble wrap.


To Jen ... If your Reading ... Which your probably not

Yeah I know what you mean, We drove Chris to far, thousands of e-mails everyday, Death Threats, Crazy Cat Ladys, Colty and Pervy the Plastic horses, we did this to him. I can see how he could use a break. The only thing I don't like is I got into CuteWithChris about a week after he quit, and now I've seen just about every episode he's made, I just want him to come back. Oh well, at least now Chris is living the good life.

Oh well come back whenever you want, I will support you either way Chris.



There IS a dante website - click on Wendy's name in the comments section and you can go to the website. all dante, all the time.


I started watching from about episode 60... So i went from the twice a week episodes to once a week to once every couple of weeks to never, I just kinda silently wait it out with the compulsively checking this site every day out of habit, I have never sent anything in before either >..> I wish I did now, because the cult was so small back then he probably would have replied.


I can't remember what episode I came in at, but it was in 2008 that I joined the cult. I would have sent in pictures but I didn't have a camera back then, and now I'm living in a college dorm so I'm not around any animals anymore. Though we do have about 3 campus cats but they move too fast for a picture.

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