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February 01, 2010



The only thing that would make the CCLs more pleased is if he was holding a fluffy kitten instead...

Well, there is one more thing, but I'm going to leave that for someone else :)

May Bel Line

In September 2007, Basedow was signed as a spokesmodel for Chamonix Skincare...
He's gonna need it after wearing all that make-up!
More Base than Camp

Matthew Moulton

I don't think that's "makeup" so much as "photoshop" wouldn't be ~nearly~ so noticeable. He looks like a Ken doll! The dog is pretty cute though, sorta reminds me of those lil Alaskan Klee Kai dogs:



I have the theme song for Fitness made Simple stuck in my head now.


This picture made me so hot yet go "Aww!" at the same time. Thank you Chris. Yow.


That puppy is so cute. the guy on the other hand is a tad man pretty, though he does kind of remind me of patrick swayze in "Ghost"


As nice as the picture is, I think we'd all like to see a picture of you Chris! =0 You should take a new picture and post it so we can see if your "decline" is getting better.

You used to be so pretty remember?


such piercing blue eyes!


Well, this is just about it. CWC is really dead. I come back now and again to check, but if this is all there is...


The puppy looks quite pleased with himself after stealing that man's soul. What is with those spooky dead eyes?


He and the puppy have the same expression : "We have no thoughts ...."


I agree this guy is way to man pretty.

To me the hottest Men with Pets will always be that guy in the pjs with the bunny. Very sexy.


12 comments and no one said "shirtless" yet??? Aren't there any gay bears on this site anymore?



"Shirtless" is what I was hinting at in my first post. I just didn't think it would take so long to get it.

But, I'm not a gay bear. :)


It's a Schipperke puppeh! I used to show my Maine Coons with a lady who also showed them... called them weird little black dogs!


You're welcome.

I was kind of surprised when I saw this picture as his twitter photo because it actually DOESN'T look like late 80s softcore, like most of his images do.


he's hot


This has nothing to do with the Picture but, wouldn't it be cool if Chris made a CuteWithChris iPhone app. We could do everything CuteWithChris ... On the Go. Yay Technology.


The dog is effing adorable - the guy is creepy as shit. Far too groomed - even for a gay man. Gads. Vile. Okay, I'm done.


laura, he's still hot tho


OHHHH, That Schipperke pup is thinking much more than the man in the picture! Probably doing complex algebra and the like...

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