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February 18, 2010



I smell a copycat. And it smells gingerbready.


FOOD! And Yes us Teens are GREATLY superior when it comes to the art of craft. Okay not really, but don't you think we should be?


This gets my vote in the Cookie Down.


We should start making our own cute downs from the pictures Chris puts up. I miss killing peoples dreams.


Yeah. I never got to experience voting in the Cute Down, but I really want to experience it. But Jen, that is a good idea! But how exactly will we do that when he only puts a picture of 1 animal up? I guess we will find a way. We are CWC fans, dang it! ... We will find a way.

keyboard jockey

Dante, Dante, Dante, Isn't it time for a new you tube video? Well Anyway Here's A Shout Out To Chris...Cat Lover Extraordinaire.

How can I keep up with Canadians if you all stop posting videos?


has it been a year since the last video ? seems like it.


It'll be a year in June.


Wonder what hes doing now?


Buying a Fat Man and Moving to India.


I do wonder what Chris is up to. I don't blame him for not making more kitten videos, but I wish I could see whatever else he's occupying himself with.


I don't blame him either, but I kinda feel lied to. If he wanted to quit all together he could have just told us.


Well if I really was quitting for good the website wouldn't be running still. Have faith my friend.


Disaster gingerbread with a political theme . . . Where have i seen this before . . .?


Maybe he's working on some super-huge thing that will rock the CWC world like his live shows did. I'd like to believe that.


Yeah, I would like to think he's about to rock the CuteWithChris Community TO ITS VERY CORE! But he's probablly
working on the Story Hour, Sleeping, or some other important thing.
He's Canadian after all! Us Americans can't comprehend what he's thinking.


No Offense To Canada or it's Canadians. シ


Dude. Katrina gingerbread house? I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I remember the devastation Katrina caused. I'm not trying to be all 'ooh, don't make fun of our pain' because then I'd NEVER be able to participate in IFSFYD, but my grandfather lost his house. (Along with about half of the MS Gulf Coast.) What's next, girls? A Haitian gingerbread house? I just think gingerbread representations of tragedies are tacky... but then again, M'Lord keeps posting them. Then again, as was said about the other gingerbread house, at least they're doing things other than getting pregnant.


I agree with Mert. The Salem Witch Trials and JFK gingerbread houses that Amy and I made were for a contest, and our theme was "historical." Next time you copy us, try not to offend people by using such an insensitive topic.


And a gingerbread house depicting the murder of a president is NOT insensitive? And Katrina is NOT historical in nature? I'm sorry, but your logic doesn't follow. I do apologize if this offended anyone, I would never try to be hurtful. As a side note, I made this back in December, before your picture was posted, so don't flatter yourself thinking I was trying to copy you. I was trying to build a gingerbread house from a kit and it fell apart, and the rest is just the result of what happens when college students are bored, and trying not to get pregnant.


we also posted another gingerbread picture over a year ago. And i dont think anyone's too upset about the salem witch trials anymore . . .


If your gingerbread house falls apart, maybe thats a sign you should refrain from gingerbread house-making...


Please, let's not get into a "I made a snarky gingerbread house first" contest. And offensiveness is relative, the Salem Witch Trials may still be upsetting to some, considering it was the torture and murder of several innocent people. But that what makes the humor and creativity of this site great, in that we can push the envelope of what is socially acceptable and it is tacky and ridiculous and interesting and funny. But, as I said before, it's all relative.

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