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February 16, 2010



At least teenagers are finding new and exciting ways to keep from going out and getting pregnant



Valentine's Day Massacre next year perhaps girls?


That's sad, yet awesome! I'm hungry.

And do you know whats sad. Chris used to get like 80 coments for everything he put up. Now we're lucky if anything goes over 8. Why havevthe golden ages of Cute With Chris died?



Because most of the people came just to see his new episodes. A lot of people have stopped coming every day because of the lack of episodes.



Yeah your right. It's really too bad though. Cute With Chris was one of the best websites on the web when they were making new episodes, now only a few people visit.

I wonder when Chris will return? I'm hoping he cones back for INTERNATIONAL FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF DAY. If he skips the holiday WE ARE IN TROUBLE! He may come back for International I Hate Gloves Day but I know he's not going to come back for International Oh Whats the Point Day, hmm I hope he makes it back this year.


"They" meaning Chris, Colty, Pervy, and Peanuts.


hahaha. I love it!


I love it! Great job, girls.

You would think that with CANADA hosting this year's Olympics that Chris would certainly have something to say about it. But, I am starting to wonder about Chris. If I play his last episode backward, will I hear Colty saying, "I buried Chris?"



I hope Chris doesn't give up the opportunity to feel sorry for himself or to diss gloves. I'm really looking forward to it if he does.


I don't hold out much hope for him to come back. I feared something like this would happen when he started doing it live and reading stories. I still come here everyday and look at the one pic he posts. I remember back when he used to put up 5 or more. It's just kinda depressing coming to look anymore.

Hey Chris couldent you at least do a farewell episode so we could say goodbye to pervy and colty?? Miss you Chris...


This is crazy! Why would anyone on Earth want a gingerbread house of the JFK assassination? Did you win the contest?



Yeah me too.

But if Chris quits, Colty and Pervy should start their own show. Chris was always holding them back. Flagging pervy, Throwing Colty off Desks. If Colty and Pervy came out with their own Show ... Just Imagine.

But anyway, Chris you must join us in Celebrating these International Days of "Feeling Sorry for Ourselves" and "Hating Gloves". If not ... The world will stop spinning.


I couldn't agree more with what everyone is saying. Lord Chris has forsaken us. It's a crying shame.


Well, I think the success of having the #1 puppies and kittens internet show has gone to his head. Just think about it, he starts something good and begins to build a fanbase. Then fame comes a-knocking and he starts to get interviewed in local papers. And instead of riding the wave of fame- he skulks out the back door!

Either that, or I still stand by my thoughts about the possibility about Chris having died--possibly being exploded by the fiery laser eyes of one of Carm's cats-- and Colty and Pervy covered it up by replacing Chris with a fake Chris who was less enthusiastic about us than the real Chris was.

I bet Pervy and Colty have placed clues everywhere pointing to this. Still need to play some episodes backwards to see if there are any hidden messages.



You should start playing some episodes backwards. Especially the one where Chris "passes out" after drinking all that wine. That may have been the beginning of the DECLINE.

I actually agree with the fanbase though. I mean think about it, how many people would have bought his book if it wasn't for CWC? I may have just because of the awesome chicken picture, but still. lol. I can't wait to see him starring in some big movie one of these days. Then we can all say that we knew him when he was the #1 puppy and kitty cat blogger. We will own him!!!!!

Wait... We already do.


Well first the whole "Colty murdered Chris thing may have not worked since he still does the Story Hour" I think I learned what happened. Colty murdered Chris, then took his DNA and "Genetically engineered a new Mechanical Chris" this poser is writing storys, editing the sites, and even punching babies. I can't believe you Chris, if that is your real name? I bet you're not even Canadian!


Oh what am I saying? If Chris has taught me anything it's "If we turn against each other now ... The Terriosts Win!


Wasn't that said on House? I remember something strangely familiar to that on an episode of House I watched yesterday. The terrorist thing.


I don't know but it was on Cute With Chris. I think he said
"Remember, If ... If we don't have the courage to vote for cutest, then the terriosts win!".

Good times, Good Times.


Ah. So now House is copying Chris. See what happens when you take a hiatus Chris? Television shows have the nerve to copy your genius!


this is amy, margaret forgot to mention that yes, we did come in first place this year!


this is amy, margaret forgot to mention that yes, we did come in first place this year!


sorry amy. my bad.

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