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February 12, 2010



Is Nosferata really dead, or is she... undead?


she dird of alcohol poisoning, clearly.


I'm pretty certain that is the most gorgeous rabbit I have ever seen. I'm sorry she's no longer with you. All rabbits go to Heaven.


What a beautiful rabbit and a beautiful story to boot. Kudos for you for adopting an "unwanted" pet that proved to be something extraordinary. All those people who passed on this beautiful bunny is there loss and your gain!


That's a really pretty bunny. My bunny is just the average white and black one that is plastered all over the bunny food packages. Mine's really timid though, she doesn't like people very much.


like the cher song?


Nosferata will never die!


This isn't the right place to post this but I need answers. Anyway, Is Chris Gay or Straight? I Just listened to "The Captain" and the captain said "Boy you know what I'm saying, your gay right? then Chris said "I wished to god I wasn't". But on Cute With Chris he always seems to enjoy it when Teenage Girls send pictures of their Breasts. Any Answers?

BTW, I'm not gay, I'm just wondering. And didn't Chris also have a Wedding Ring on in episode 142.

Also, Im sorry about your Rabbit. I know how it feels to. My evil (now divorced) step Dad shot and killed my beautiful Lop Eared White Rabbit Miffy. Why? Food.


I love the photo of the bunny in the fridge! What a great pet.


Dear Dustin

You should email Chris like 1000 emails until he answers you. He'd just love that, lol. I don't even know if he reads the comments anymore.

And my step-dad jokes around about killing my bunny all the time, but I know he'd never do it.


Dustin , why are you so interested in Chris' sexual orientation???


I just listened to "The Captain". I was confused and ... Well ... Confused is the right word. I don't really care anymore though. But man I love the story hour.


And Jen for me it started out as a Joke ... Until he was led to do the sick act ... by Hunger. He killed 2 of my Bunnies to be exact one was Ugly, but one was a God in Rabbit form. I was Nine at the time, and I didn't know until 6 Years later that all my animals that "Ran Away" Were either

1. Shot
2. Mauled
3. Eaten

Yeah, it's sad.

But that's what CWC is for, now I can see all the animals that are happy and healthy cause I'm not in their lives. Yay, CWC!

You know I feel like I need to save this for International Feel Sorry For Yourself Day.


Aw, I'd want her!

My dog (very much alive) was a pet that had been taken home, and then returned to the pet store. She was 6 months old, and way too large for the box they were keeping her in by the time we saw her. She is black with some brown and white fluff too! =)

Glad to hear Nosferata had a good run with you!


That is (was) one good-looking rabbit!

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