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March 10, 2010



Chris I am SO happy you are alive. I had developed a top secret plan to go find you. But apperently ... You are alive, unless you are a Cyborg Zombie sent to destroy humanity.

And Chris I like the new Look, You look like Jesus, JESUS is lord!

And I will accept the 48 Hours of Post whatever the crap you want offer. I have many pictures I can send, some blurry, some HIGH quality. Bit I will take the Effort of Sending a High Quality, Semi Retarded, pic. But it may take a while. These thing require a lot of effort.

And thank you "Our Leader" for at least proving that you haven't died, and you are still "The Man" in charge of the Group of Physcotic fans you have gathered.


I like the shaggy look! It looks great on you.


By the Way you mentioned opened flesh wounds. I have a Butcher Knife in the kitchen, perhaps I should go get it.

*Leaves, goes to Kitchen, picks up knife*

Okay I have the perfect idea! I'm going to Crave a picture of a Kitten being Mauled by Colty the Plastic horse, on my Buttocks!



Not "Crave" "Carve" dang typos.

Wow 3 Comments of mine in 5 Minutes.

I feel special!

Bobo Kelly

chris, are you okay? you look like you are living in a cabin in the woods. why the hiatus?

feel better!


JESUS CHRIST. Dang Chris. Your hairdo is really coming along though, I must say.


I assume the meds are finally working, Chris?


...IS anyone going to say anything about THAT shirt?


You're turning into a scruffy mountain man Chris. And is that a hint of grey I see in your beard?

But it's good to see you Chris!!! Glad that you're still alive and haven't forgotten about us completely!

We bow down to your greatness. :)

I'll try to find our campus cats and take some pictures of them.


UMM chris have you just straight up abandoned your PODCAST???? That is crap, if you ask me. >:(

Kat trina

GOOG GOD MAN get a shave and a hair cut, grow a pair, suck it up and post some pics !!! so much for the pep talk- did u have to go home for the Olympics eh ?


OMG you looks like a sleepy jesus!!! you make me sad.. looking like that.

are you ok?? don't work too hard!! we have all missed you. I am so happy you are still among the living. i stalk Imdb all the time to see if anything new comes up on your page just in case.( if you are busy with acting not dead)

love the shirt and you make an awesome gay bear ~~


Looks like we should perhaps send in some donations so Chris can afford to pay his electric bill and turn the lights back on...

Glad you are still out there, and look forward to whatever "things" are in the offing.


Why did you post a pic of pre-shaven Joaquin Phoneix on your website? LOL! (Sorry, I'm sure I'm the only one who thought that was funny...) Good to see you, Chris! We miss you! And the true members of the cult aren't only here for the goddamn pictures of cats and wounds and stuff... we're here for your awesome videos and dry sarcasm! xoxo


After all these months... proof you are still with us! You look good in grizzled and haggared. :)



Chris, you look like Jesus if he were a hot, pissed-off lumberjack! Work that look!

It's nice to hear from you and I'm sure that any cult members with grainy, dark and blurry photos (of kittens or flesh wounds) will be relieved that you have set the bar so low with this low-quality (but hot!) picture of yourself.


We miss you, Chris! I hope those...things...are not bad things. Gotta say, you're kinda rockin' the scruffy look. Not too shabby. Hope ta have ya back in our lives soon!


I agree completely with Natty! But Chris, don't be such a tease, tell us what 'things' you have been doing that have meant you haven't been able to do ANYTHING for your faithful fans - heaven forbid that you have just been selfishly getting on with your own life ;)

CCL Wendy

Although, I'm happy to see a picture of Chris, I am very worried for him. To help him, I am NOT sending any pictures of Dante, Dylan or Domino or anything else for that matter. I even had a nice turd picture all ready, but no, Chris' mental health is more important.



I think I realised what he means by "Things".
Acording to my Sources (Google), he's acting in a New Canadian Mini-Series. I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want us to know, hmm?
... Maybe I shouldn't be telling people this.


@ Wendy

Darn, I would've loved to see the nice turd picture. Which of your lovely felines did that one?

@ Dustin

You already made the acting thingy public in the last couple of pictures, lol. Too late for that one.


YAY Lumberjack Chris has returned at last!!!

How we've missed your shaggy beard and plaid shirts!!! :D


i am excited that i finally have a chance to make my cats famous! chris, you didn't post the pictures i sent to you before, but now i have faith you post these ones! even if you hate them! and you probably will!

i also agree with everyone that it is great to see that you aren't dead, because a dead chris is a sad chris.


Chris I swear I saw you on a Visit Canada Ad for the Olympics. was that you? I swear you bette r not going gay on us your devoted fans! remember you are our god! PRAISE JESUS! my pics will follow hence forth my lord!


Chris is working on his kitty manifesto. You have all been warned.

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